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Smater than Smart guys proving smartness

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 18, 2010

This is all about Samsung again –

One of the recent complaint email I wrote to Samsung. As usual they sent some automated email kind of thing  which has got all sorry for inconvenience blah blah… This time I just went through full email, there it was a link saying, “ * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please   click here “. I just thought let me try this also. If I click the link it opened up a form where I wrote whole my complaint that no one is responding that this and all.. If I try to send it, it is not going, it asked me to fill in all mandatory fields, damn!!! All the mandatory fields are DISABLED FOR EDIT!!!!!! – try out the link – http://erms.samsungelectronics.com/customer/form/formmail/common/common_usa.jsp?SITE_ID=50&PROD_ID=1886&AGE_ID=400&QST_ID=16508169

I tried in all three browsers I have, also check source using firebug , mandatory fields were disabled 🙂 🙂

Bottom line:

I agree that samsung guys are smarter. They are showing smartness not in product building but in escaping from customers. I appreciate their innovations in finding ways to escape and their idea to apply the smartness in right places…


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Problem with Samsung PC suite

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 17, 2010

I am using NPC version 1.2.0 IG3. I tried to update ( To version 1.2.1 IH2_6) the application from the application itself using “Update” option. It prompted to close the application in order to update, I clicked okay, application got closed and there was no user notification. In the background its process is running (NPSFull.exe) for hours together eating more than 50% of my processor time. Attaching an image justifying it. Note that, the time in the image is the total process time that it has used, not the duration from which it is running. It is still running, I do not know when will it end? Is it doing some useful thing or a malware.  I wonder if samsung realease softwares without testing or what? What ever I do there is an issue/problem.

( Now the processor time is 3 hrs 45 mins, still running consuming more than 50% )

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Brilliant video by mugulnage team

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 8, 2010

Here comes the more professionally taken, brilliantly directed and recorded video by mugulnage team. This video is the best work as far now from the team. Do not miss it, here you go —

Hey Hey hold on, you must watch Part 1, if you have not already watched –

Part 1:

Now you go for the real good one,

Part 2: Babruvahana Returns:

About the team mugulnage:

Team members – Gautham, Pavan, Sridhar and Nikhil. All are my friends from college in mysore. Gautham is very much interested in Acting and direction and is a very passionate towards it. Pavan and Sridhar also like acting and direction, turning their passion towards acting in these days. Nikhil is the new camera man for the team. Doing great in his early recordings.  Professional all are software engineers working in different organizatons but have not gave up their passion. They do small short videos and release that in youtube.

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Samsung jet “Copy Paste” feature

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 31, 2009

In my previous entry I had mentioned few disadvantages of Samsung jet and one was related to “Copy Paste” feature. Few of my friends asked me “why the hell you need that feature, even though we have, never used!!!”. They might not used it because they would have used it as just a phone, but when we try doing other stuffs than just calling and sms, the importance of the feature will be seen. I would like to share couple of experience that happened me.

Scenario 1: Send a mail using inbuilt email Client, the content of the email is there in sent items of gmail.

Soln: If the feature would have been there I could have directly copied content from Gmail app to the editor and sent.
But that is not the case, so I had to follow these steps –
1. Forwarded from Gmail to email account that is configured in phones email client.
2. Again I forwarded from configured email client to the required person. Very bad thing while sending is I had to remove the “Forward headers” character by character ( one hit to delete each char) as we cannot even select some text and say remove ( Also cannot even press and hold backspace, doing so clears whole of your content).
Scenario 2: Deleting a block of text

There is no select block of text and delete. – Can you tell me what is the procedure to delete a block of text?? How can you ask your users to hit backspace 100-1000 times to delete a block of text? Do not you think it is ridiculous to keep pressing backspace 100 to 1000 times which takes few seconds to just delete a block of text. The same thing can be done in few milliseconds it you had a “Select and Delete” option.

I have seen this feature in a very basic handset of Nokia and sony that costs 1/4th the money I have spent for the Samsung Jet.

When it is advertised as “Smarter than Smartphone” we expect that it server at least  70-80 percent of the work that can be done on some other real smart phones. But lacking this feature is a blocker. I cannot even share across applications.

I am fighting with samsung support team to bring into the notice and somehow get this feature in next firmware upgrades, so far I have seen that they are very lazy and almost never replies to emails. Live chat guys are very smart, they just tell you “email your concern to our support team sir. email id is india.support@samsung.com ( internal to them, THEY NEVER TURN UP, just write mail and keep waiting !!!! )”

Any comments, suggestions are welcome

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Samsung Jet review

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 26, 2009

My recent purchase is samsung Jet s8003 smarter than samtphone handset. Specification wise it looks very good and we can say its value for money. When I started using it, I started feeling that it is missing basic features and those missing features making it unusable and realised why it is priced low to its compitators. It has features to say but not to use. Confused, let me clarify with few examples –

  • It has Got wi-fi support but does not have basic authentication protocol like EAP-TLS, cannot connect to office network.
  • It has bluetooth but cannot have audio streaming wit a normal handsfree, where as my basic nokia 3500c  use to stream audio with the same handsfree.
  • It does not have a clipboard, cannot copy paste text seems to be a basic feature missing. Even my nokia 3500 ( priced at 4k) has this copy – paste feature. Being a touch screen and you cannot copy is really shame.  Opera mini 5.1 beta helped me to an extent, it has got copy-paste feature, though I cannot paste it outside Opera, I can can save content into my email drafts.
  • No customization in phone profiles. Cannot create profiles or set timed profile changes.
  • Java app installation is extremely difficult, you need to install some third part application on to you pc and do some circus to install a java app, here is detailed procedure.
  • you can copy links using the default browser but you should send the copied link to someone using sms. Yes, if you copy a link, the link get pasted in sms editor and can do nothing than sending it to someone or saving as a text message for yourself.
  • It has got some memo widget but it does not get saved as files, i do not know what to do wit those memos.
  • It has got some motion recognition stuff which we can never use.
  • It cannot even be compared to a smart phone.
  • Search in SMS and Email pop3 client is missing.
  • Contact search of not inline search. It takes you to the text editor where you need to enter name to search and press “Done”, then it comes back and gives you results.
  • Touch screen is not that sensitive at corners of the screen

Few good points:

  • Liked camera, it awesome. Good 5mp loaded with shooting modes and modes does work fantastically.
  • Signal reception, music player, audio quality are awesome.
  • Touch sensitivity is very good, comparable to c type. It acknowledges the touch with a vibration, which is impressive. Also scrolling the list gives an effect of speed of scroll though vibration intensity and interval of vibration. It is really cool feature.
  • Display is awesome, gives a really cool effect. Also possible to view in sunlight on setting brightness to max.
  • Handwriting recognition is acurate  and consistent, though we cannot use it much as it becomes slow compared to typing
  • Speed is good, we can feel the power of 800Mhz processor, apps gets initiated at super fast. Also repose time is great.

Bottomline: It is a good multimedia phone but NOT a smart phone

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My Ego search

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 17, 2009

After a long time I was just looking at the stats of my blog. I found out few search texts  brought people to my blog. I became curious to see try out the same key words to and see what happens. First I tried “Greek monkey script”, one of my blog entry related to Grease Monkey Script listed First. Myself did not know that my entry that famous, felt something is fishy here, How can I this entry becomes First when there are lot of users the Mozilla add on site should have been listed first. Then I realized that I had misspelled “Grease” as “Greece” and who ever enters incorrect key word would have ended up coming to my blog. I never knew misspelling also gives us benefits like this 😛

My mood turned to check how famous I am in web. I tried to search my name Karthik Ananth – Some 5 results in first page were related to me. Linkedin profile listed top. Then I hit “Karthik Jcecs” which I normally use as Id for all accounts – It gave only 24 results out of which 20 were related to me.  I became happy that I am recognized in web to this extent. I was always having a feeling that results related to me would be somewhere after 10 th page of the result which proved false.

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Skandagiri Trek

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 15, 2009

It was Friday the 13 Nov 2009 when my friend Lakshmi initiated a plan to skandagiri Trek. It was very short duration so we could not call all of our group, so we decided for a quick plan with limited numbers. Started to read reviews and came to know that it is the night trek and will be tremendous if it is a full moon day. Unfortunately 14 Nov was close to a new moon day (16 Nov was new moon day), so we could not even think of it. We decided to have an early morning trek, start here by 6:30 and return by evening. Lakshmi accepted to bring her car and our meeting point was decided as hebbal

At 6:30 am

Gowtham and me meet up at hebbal were on time, Lakshmi and Navya reached there at 6:45, we all got into car and headed towards Devanahalli. No one was visited before so no one knew the route exactly. I had taken print out of directions given by google and was freqently confusing about the route. All others were trusting local help than lifeless google server. We kept on asking people about the route. We finally reached by taking route, Hebbal->Devahalli->towards chickkaballapur, left deviation after a railway level crossing around 5-6 km before chikkaballapur. The deviation took us to village “Thinahalli” and then muddenahalli road to get into village “Kalavar”, yes skandagiri hills lies in village Kalavar, local peolple would usually identify it as Kalavar than skandagiri.

At 8:30

We reached base of hills. It was covered with mist and peak was not at all visible, we were so exited to start climbing and reach the peak before mist goes off. When we are about to park our vehicle, we heard the shocking news by one guy there. The news was that “TREKKING PROHIBITED FROM YESTERDAY”…… Hey how can this happen, no ways,,, Are we not climbing this exiting hills?? I had seen wikipeadia and it was updated on 9th Nov 2009 , which is so pretty latest but “Ban from yesterday??” how unlucky we are… Alternate feelings were there in the group like if it is prohibited why taking risk and others, let take risk and start climbing lets see what happens… Also he might be bluffing, we decided to talk to police and confirm it. We headed towards starting point in search of police. On the way other people also told it is prohibited and he would take us to a different route which is safer. We disagreed and continued to meet up police and know what the exact situation is. Two guys were coming back from the trek which gave us a ray of hope and asked them whether it is safe, they told we can go just half way but not allowed to go to peak. Finally reached starting point and everyone’s face became like this – 😦 by seeing the board “Prohibited area, No entry”.  We asked someone there that where can we find police, he replied, police will be there only till 6am and if we want to climb he would guide us half way through. We decided not to take risk and headed back. Just came one furlong and stopped to have breakfast which Lakshmi managed to prepare early in the morning and bring it for us. Viewing hills and just imagining how it would have been if we were on the top now we had our breakfast. Started back again still in dilemma. A small mud road gave us the break for the day. We stopped and went inside the path, a man was doing something and I asked if we can go on trek in this way, he told there is a way and we can go. I called up all others, parked the car there itself and started marching, we thought that man is not knowing about prohibition.

At the base

Mist covered peak at 8:30

At 9:10 am

We decided to go for a very short distance and come back. We just wanted to have feel of trek at least. Navya was very scared and denying even to go for short distance, we somehow convinced her and started. We climbed for 20 mins and found some people were getting down. We asked them and came to know that we are allowed to trek after 6 am that is the reason they started trek at 6 am. Wow!! great, we can go till top, but still worried a bit, worry went off when see another 2 groups coming down. We understood why police goes back after 6 am, the guy there was just bluffing to act a guide and make some money by taking night prohibition as advantage. We were clear that we are going till the peak but we realized that we do not have anything except 2 small bottles of water. Luckily weather was cloudy and breakfast had give good energy to climb.


While climbing

At 10:00 am

The peak is still covered with mist, a hope in our corners that there is a chance that mist still be there while we reach, we kept on seeing the mist covered peak and climbing, the scene around us was awesome, photography was banned by Lakshmi on our onward journey to save time and it was opened on return journey.

At 10:30 am

Mist went off :(, peak is clearly visible but the route was not, yeah we lost our way. But it was like okay we could manage to climb steps kind of support engraved on rocks. We reached one fort kind of thing which was one level. From there we could see the actual path and realized that we came through some other bit difficult path

At 11:00 am

Guess what?? Yesss you are right, we are on the peak,… Wow!! it was so exciting, weather was still cloudy but no mist. Scenes around us, weather, cool breeze made us forgot about the mist and cloud. What next – yes, its photography time.. Started to take artistic photographs, took few hundreds of photos. Gowtham experimented his photography ideas we being his test dummies. We started giving all kind of expressions, poses for photos, I went up on a small stone roof for posing to photos.


On the peak


Me over the roof at the peak

At 12:00 pm

It become even colder weather turned misty, I think the peak was not visible from the base and we could not see it as we are close, far way hills were covered with mist. We convinced ourselves that we are inside the mist and achieved what we dreamt.


Other hills covered with mist

At 12:15 pm

Its time to get back. Just missed the way a bit and finally reached the base at 2:15


While coming back

At 2:15 pm at the car

Gowtham: Everything went well. We would have missed this assuming it is banned. Great that we completed!!

Me: If the car is proper then we are done!!

We all had the left out breakfast, drank 2 bottles of water. Me and Gowtham waiting outside expecting car will be reversed and we will get in, but heard shocking news again by a voice inside the car… You already guessed it right – yes “Hey, its not starting, kanro”.. Oh no!! what happened, someone here did something to it, did anyone stole battery as it was unattended for more than 4 hours. Opened the bonnet to see battery there, one doubt is solved. We asked some two guys over there for any mechanics, they themselves came to see what has happened. He told by just seeing the batter that the battery has discharged completely and it is not charging because of the dust that came out of the battery and the connection to battery was lost. He asked us to pour water on it and remove the dust using a stick. He was a driver which helped us, very thanks to him. They also pushed and it ignited. Oh yes!! we did not take risk kill the engine till we reach a restaurant on the way. By this time battery was charged and was getting started. Had good lunch and drove back to Bangalore by 5:30…

Hey what are you waiting for?? We reached Bangalore and that is the end of this story yaar…

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Adding to the list of videos

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 25, 2009

I had forgot to add one interesting video in my previous entry

Wedding (Kannada)

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Have a break, have a fun video and enjoy

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 22, 2009

When you feel that you are bored of working OR when you feel like you need entertainment and do not have time OR when you feel that you have forgot how to laugh OR when you look back and say “There is no fun after I quit college days”, then you should definately check out these videos. This short video makes you laugh without breaks.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (English)

2. Sachka Samna Part 1 (Hindi)

3. Sachka Samna Part 2 (Hindi)

4. Babruvahana as Saivahana (Kannada)

5. Udaya TV Bad time (Kannada)

All these videos are done by my close friends in college. They have proved that you can achieve, whatever is your passion without affecting day work. Great that these guys managed to direction till light boy works. Only team of 3 have done these things and also in a vision to do lot more. Really happy to share this with you all.

Liked the videos?
Follow Mugulnage team in you tube Or keep looking at my updates in Vodpod in right pane of my blog

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All about controlling diabetes

Posted by karthikjcecs on July 12, 2009

We had been to Diacon which is one of the popular Diabetic specialty hospital in bangalore, which has its name since 20 years. The reason for the visit is for the routine check up for my mother who is a Diabetic. There was a class of about 2 hours for all the first time visit patients and their attendants, we marched in and learnt lot of things about Diabetes and controlling measures. I am just capturing all those stuffs along with knowledge gained by speaking to doctors there.

What is diabetes?
Increase in sugar level in blood is diabetes. This happens because of decreased Insulin in blood. Insulin is responsible for shipping sugar from blood into cells. If the Insulin level gets decreased shipping of sugar from blood to cells also decreases resulting in increased sugar level in blood. There are two kinds of Diabetes based on the reason for lowered level of Insulin viz Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, There will be no Insulin generated at all in the body. In Type 2, insulin will be generated in lesser quantity and/or generated Insulin in not so active. Type 1 will usually seen in children whereas Type 2 is most commonly seen in elders.

How to control?
Note: Whatever the food you takes get converted into sugar
If you want me to tell in one sentence, “Control the food intake such that, Insulin content of your body should be capable of shipping all the converted sugar to cells”. Pretty simple huh? But the complicated part is how do you get to know how much food to take? how much insulin you have? This highly depends upon the individual, these has to be understood by closely monitoring of sugar level for a sufficient time duration. To help to monitor there are few guidelines to follow, here are those

    Food habbits
    Limit your food. You can eat anything except few.

      Vegetables to be avoided:
      1. Potato
      2. Beetroot
      3. Pumpkin
      4. Sweet potato
      5. Suvarna Gedde (Kannada word, I do not know what in english)

      Dangerous fruits, should not touch at all:
      1. Banana (Any kind)
      2. Jack fruit
      3. Mango (Stay away, very dangerous)
      4. Custard Apple
      5. Green Grapes

      Fruits can be taken (Only if sugar level is normal)
      1. Orange
      2. Papaya
      3. Back grapes
      4. Musambi
      5. Pomegranate

    Strict timing and quantity of food habbits
    Ideal suggestion for taking food:
    Coffee : 7:30 (No sugar)
    Breakfast : 9:00 am
    Fillers (120ml Coffee or Buttermilk ) : 11:30 am
    Lunch : 1:00 pm
    Snack : 4:30 pm
    Dinner : 9:00pm
    Milk (120ml) : 10:30pm

    Walking and excise
    This is a must. At least 45 minutes walk per day. Walking helps to activate the insulin to work properly and also helps in burning calories. Walking should be brisk, uniform and continuous. If walking cannot be done continuously because of knee pain or any other reason should try to walk inside home itself giving frequent breaks.

Maintaining sugar level
The sugar level should be less than 120 at fasting and below 180 after exactly one and half hours taking food.

Many believe that taking Insulin has lot of side effects and its not good. But the truth is, it is the best solution because Insulin is not a medicine. It is just a protein. Taking Insulin directly will have a supportive action. It is simple to take now, the technology offers painless, hassle less injections which can be taken by the patient and does not take more than 30 sec. Only drawback is once started then should be taken regularly and should maintain strict timing of injection

Synthesis of Insulin
Even though its very complicated process, I will just brief here. Its by fermentation of human Insulin using yeast and separation of yeast from Insulin. There are misconception that Insulin is extracted from animals. Animal Insulin cannot be given to humans at all.

History of Insulin
The first successful experiment was extraction of insulin from dog pancreas(Organ which generates Insulin) and injected to a diabetic dog. The dog survived and the Insulin was born. Inventors involved in the research were Dr. Fredrick Banting, Charles Best (a medical student at the time of the discovery), Professor J. J. R. Macleod and Dr. James Collip. They got noble award in the year 1923. In January, 1922, a diabetic teenager in a Toronto hospital named Leonard Thompson became the first person to receive an injection of insulin.

DISCLAIMER: All the information above are subject to understanding of the author and general information. Author is not medical consultant. Please consult your doctor before taking any action.

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