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An Year’s update

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 12, 2011

Oh my God, I cannot believe that an year  passed writing a blog!!! Was I am so busy to find time to write few words? Naa, forget it.. Was there no topics and happenings around? Naa, there are so many updates. Then why didn’t I write?? I was suffering from “Larsocomophelia syndrome” – that means too much lazy to do any task.

Quick updates ( Personal )

1. Got engaged Dec 2010, yeah, I agree, this has become old news, but this is years update, so I have to mention, please bear with me for while.. A short 1 min video here

2. Acted in a short movie and it got released on 22 Feb 2011, on my birthday. The movie made by team Mugulnage… Mugulnage is the team of my friends who are all film making enthusiast, do follow their youtube channel. This one is their first experiment on a romantic concept and me and my wife became their perfect cast.  Do watch it here.

3. Married on 24 March 2011, few pics here. Pictures captured very nicely by one of our most valuable friend Gowtham Ghatke

4. Started playing Tennis. There is court close to my house of our coach. Morning one hr of good play giving me  full enthu for rest of the day.


1. Worked on a promotional video of product I was working on. It was a great experience, a time to remember. I wanted to give back something prominent to the team and I was feeling that there is a need to market the tool internally. So, this was a small contribution that I tried out. There was some event planned from the business unit, the idea was to create a video that talks importance of our product to the internal audience. We put together few concepts, with the help of same Mugulnage team we executed recording, editing everything. The team ( yes, the dev team ) co-operated very well staying back at office till 10 in the night for 2 days. And finally the video was out after a long wait, it came out pretty well but not met the expectations. You cannot see it though as it is internal, though you can see few pics here. We presented the video in some other exhibition.

2. Moved to a different team, Email Security Appliance almost a month back.

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Purchase of Blackberry – Syncing contacts from windows phone to blackberry

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 18, 2010

I purchased  Blackberry bold 9000 from Global easy buy option in ebay. It was supposed to be new. Looks like new but have some doubt if it is refurbished. I do not mind as I am okay as long as it works fine. The stuff is really amazing, brilliant smart phone ever. What ever being tried works seemlessly, GPS, internet services, apps everything. GPS locks with in 30 secs. Faced only a small problem while saving syncing contacts from windows phone to this phone. I tried to sync using http://www.mylookout.com, This I was using for backing up. The contact sync faced issue because of the format mismatch. All the contacts used to come but phone number fields were empty. The windows phone has field “Business phone” and “Business phone 2” , the blackberry counter part is “Work phone” and “work phone 2”, so it was not detecting “Business phone”. Unfortunately all numbers were stored in “Business phone” field. Solved this problem in following steps –

  1. Synced all contacts from Windows mobile to outlook
  2. Exported contacts from outlook to csv
  3. Opened csv in notepad++
  4. Changed field name “Business phone” to “Work phone” and “Business Phone 2” to “Work Phone 2”  ( Only in the first row )
  5. Installed Blackberry desktop application
  6. Configured sync setting to read from CSV and pointed to modified CSV file
  7. Synced from Blackberry Desktop application to phone.

Done!! it worked 🙂





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New car purchased

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 4, 2010

Finally the most awaited Swift Dzire reached our home. I have not yet used to drive comfortably in the new diesel car. But it is as smooth as petrol. Here are the images

Now the hunt for the accessories starts. Planning for reverse parking sensor, sunfilm, up module and seat covers and interiors. Will update.

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How can I help to make my country better

Posted by karthikjcecs on August 3, 2010

Hi Readers,

I know you are surprised seeing the title. I also know that you are thinking “What happened to this guy? sud suddenly started to talk about unexpected stuffs, did he convert to be an absolute patriotic guy?? “. Of course, I too love my country as all others do and also want to do something that I can

Now coming to the point – I saw a live show in TV9 with some ruling party member and an apposition party member on the same stage and program hosts screwing them up with all the straight forward questions. The ruling party member was struggling to answer questions ( Obviously not prepared for these kind of questions ). Also made contradicting statements in 10 mins time frame. The discussion topic was about “Why did govt denied handing over bellery mining case to CBI”, first he told – “We do not trust CBI”, come on man how can a ruling party member make such  a statement? After a while he told, “We are not telling that we never give but we will make some arrangements to protect our people and then if it is required we will handover to CBI”. Come on, whom to protect and why?? The statements does not make any sense. It is clearly understandable that whats going on. At the other end, so called apposition party struggles hard to avoid any good thing to be done by the ruling party. Apposition party role is to ensure ruling party is not doing mistake but not curse always and hold on doing good stuffs. We will laugh seeing the situation BUT we are actually laughing at ourselves. Each and every individual is responsible for today’s situation, step back and think, what am I doing? Am I contributing in any way to help the situation? It is our social responsibility to act upon. Also, it is not that we have to leave our job, do some freedom fight kind of thing, but we can at least do something or the other thing. For instance, writing down somewhere ideas to improve, corruption that we come across day to day, I agree nothing might happen  from that but once the data grows we might use that data in one way or the other ( Just a random thought)

So, I started to look how I can contribute, was just searching web if I get a place where people can put all the concerns in one place. Got few as follows –

http://indiaunheard.videovolunteers.org – There guys collect all the problems as videos. Newly launched, not so matured

http://blog.wakeupindia.org – An initiative with similar thought but inactive.

I am looking for some place where every problem and concerns are captured. Whatever may be the problem, a road hump till some criminal act to bribery to corruption to politicians misleading money to a civil project bill compromised. EVERYTHING…

Put your views as comments, let the discussion grow –


Its absolutely my thoughts, not intending to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Not pointing out any political party or person.

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Samsung jet frustration cond….

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 13, 2010

Firstly I appoligise for making this blog as “Samsung blaming blog”. This one is very interesting and I cannot get hold of it.

Adding to the frustration of being a proud owner of Samsung Jet, the processor and the memory unit of my 6 month old samsung jet BRUNT OUT. It was a very crucial time when this happened. My dad was admitted at the hospital and the next day an operation was scheduled, unfortunately the smarter than smart phone stopped booting ( may be it was so down that my dad was admitted  😛 ). No contacts, cannot even receive important calls. I was not known that CPU was brunt and I was in a feeling that some minor stuff and once firmware is flashed it would become okay.

I went to service center only after 4 – 5 days and got shocked when the guy told CPU and memory unit is brunt and even more shocked when they told it cannot be covered under warranty. The whole story below ( This is the email I sent to customer care center after all these )


I purchased Samsung S8003 mobile phone with emei number 357381030801040 by paying a hefty INR 19000 inclusive of tax from Maya Mobiles #541 CHM Road, Indira nagar, Bangalore 560038 wide invoice number SI/CMH/776 on 10 Dec 2009. All of a sudden on 1 May 2010 the phone stopped booting. I went to below mentioned service center on 7 May 2010 at about 12 noon

Muilti Tech services
V Seetharamiaha Complex,3rd Main Mathikere  BANGALORE, KARNATAKA
Ph: +91 80 40996080

The service executive opened the phone in front of me and told that CPU is brunt out. He told replacement of CPU is not possible at that site and asked me to visit the company’s service head office at

No 9, 27th Main
1st Stage, 1st Phase,
BTM Layout ring road,
Bangalore, Karnataka
Ph: +91 80 66595195
+91 80 66595193
+91 9036066690

I visited the above mentioned head office which is 20 Km from my residence ( Hebbal, Bangalore ) and spoke to Mr. XYZ, Manager and informed the situation. Mr. XYZ immediately spoke to Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and informed the service executive to accept the Handset. Mr. XYZ told me to go back and deposit the handset at  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore. On 8 May 2010 I went to  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and asked the service executive to accept the handset as per Mr. XYZ‘s instructions. But the service executive rejected to accept claiming that there is no claim for CPU brunt case. Service executive also claimed that the cell phone was opened before but I have never opened ( Why will I go to other service center in the warranty period? ).  I really got upset by the deficiency in the service. I had made to move here and there and till now no resolution seen.

I have already went thrice to the service center with no use, I cannot go to any service center again. I am approaching the consumer’s forum unless you make some arrangement to collect the handset at my residence before 7 days from now and do the needful service.


Karthik Ananth

The service center people were really talking non – sense. They told these following sentence. Cannot imaging that the number 1 consumer electronics company talking silly like this –

1. “Sir, we cannot really say wheather you get warranty or not sir. It is like LUCK ( WTF,  what do you mean by luck? ) 50% chance of you getting warranty. That too we cannot do anything you have to visit our head service center. ”


Service executive: Sir, it is opened somewhere else. I could see a scratch inside.

Me: It is not openened man, why will I open in the warranty period.

Service executive: I do not know anything sir, whatever I see will be reported to you. There was a scratch inside that means you have opened before.

Me: Man, Scratch could have been before also, that cannot become proof for me opened before. You should have a seal if you claim that warranty will be void if seal is removed. You cannot simply claim that we opened by seeing a scratch inside.


( Uhhhaaaa, what the hell is he talking man, why the hell Nokia came here, I laughed left and right internally )

Let us wait and see what these guys do. I am not leaving as is, I am so frustrated and I am going to fight in the court if it is not resolved.

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My Ego search

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 17, 2009

After a long time I was just looking at the stats of my blog. I found out few search texts  brought people to my blog. I became curious to see try out the same key words to and see what happens. First I tried “Greek monkey script”, one of my blog entry related to Grease Monkey Script listed First. Myself did not know that my entry that famous, felt something is fishy here, How can I this entry becomes First when there are lot of users the Mozilla add on site should have been listed first. Then I realized that I had misspelled “Grease” as “Greece” and who ever enters incorrect key word would have ended up coming to my blog. I never knew misspelling also gives us benefits like this 😛

My mood turned to check how famous I am in web. I tried to search my name Karthik Ananth – Some 5 results in first page were related to me. Linkedin profile listed top. Then I hit “Karthik Jcecs” which I normally use as Id for all accounts – It gave only 24 results out of which 20 were related to me.  I became happy that I am recognized in web to this extent. I was always having a feeling that results related to me would be somewhere after 10 th page of the result which proved false.

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Adding to the list of videos

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 25, 2009

I had forgot to add one interesting video in my previous entry

Wedding (Kannada)

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Have a break, have a fun video and enjoy

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 22, 2009

When you feel that you are bored of working OR when you feel like you need entertainment and do not have time OR when you feel that you have forgot how to laugh OR when you look back and say “There is no fun after I quit college days”, then you should definately check out these videos. This short video makes you laugh without breaks.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (English)

2. Sachka Samna Part 1 (Hindi)

3. Sachka Samna Part 2 (Hindi)

4. Babruvahana as Saivahana (Kannada)

5. Udaya TV Bad time (Kannada)

All these videos are done by my close friends in college. They have proved that you can achieve, whatever is your passion without affecting day work. Great that these guys managed to direction till light boy works. Only team of 3 have done these things and also in a vision to do lot more. Really happy to share this with you all.

Liked the videos?
Follow Mugulnage team in you tube Or keep looking at my updates in Vodpod in right pane of my blog

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Joined IBM

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 8, 2008

I expirienced the attachment I had developed knowingly with the my first company AllGo embedded systems while departing from AllGo. More “interesting” work matters more than the emotions, so this was the obvious decision to join IBM where I got the kind of work I really wanted to do. I stressed on interesting because it is dependent on individual, for me work at IBM seemed to be more interesting. Anybody who is interested in doing systems programming, who wants to tackle hardware interactions and performance issues AllGo is the right place. AllGo as a company I liked a lot, the work culture there, people, environment what not.

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Parents disapproved marriage

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 20, 2008

This write up is not concluding wheather the above subject is correct or wrong, but things to keep in mind to do it after when it happens.

Let me describe about the usual thinking from both sides.

Boy/girl who got married:

“Its my life, I know better than anyone about with whom I can lead a happy life. Why my parents are telling “no”? They should not tell no. If they accept, every one will be happy, why they are making me as well as themselves unhappy?”


“Our child would not be happy if he/she marry her/him. Why our child is not listening to us even if we are telling to his/her goodness. We have accepted for each and every wish, at least in this cannot he/she go as we say?”

Parents will be having a reason for proving above statement (The reason obviously would not convince child). Initially parents tell for a good reason, but when child do not accept, it turns out to think as “He/She has to listen us in this regard.”
Situation after the marriage,

Parents: Will be in so frustrated state.

Child: will also be in the same state thinking that it gave lot of sorrows to their parents.

What is required ultimately is both should start to be in happy state as soon as possible. Without making any delay should go to parents and share what all you had thought before and why exactly you did like that. I would recommend to write a letter rather than speaking as words tell more deeply and also do not stop you expressing things.  I have seen quite a few such incidents and all ended with both comprimising, but the difference is time that took. Till comprimise both will not be happy, so rather than thinking much what to do, go and execute it. Some parents become so excited and angry if child come in front of them marrying someone, most of children think “why simply do I make my parents unhappy by going in front of them” But I tell you, parents’ situation will be even frustrating and irritating if you do not go.

Some other people without knowing the circumstances tell “you have done a great mistake, see how much worried your parents are. You should not have done this.” Do not even listen to these statements, its of no use. I would believe no one takes such a decision with out thinking much. The circumstances would have forced to do so. But later, these kind of statements makes you think that your decision was wrong. Without thinking like that, make your parents happy.

Never ever wait till your parents comes to you. They wants to come but some unknown force will be stopping them.

I did not think its correct or not to write such a sensitive blog but I just felt like writing. Its just my veiw may not be true in all cases. So please no comments on this, ask me only if  you do not understand what I have written (My grammer is weak 😦 ).

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