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The end for Samsung frustration

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 4, 2010

I had been talking about my purchase of Samsung jet phone and the problems that I had faced few months back. Finally the END for all the frustration. Know what, Samsung reimbursed the whole bill amount ( INR 19000 )  on 1 Sept 2010.

I directly dealt with Service manager in their head service office at Bangalore.  He had promised me that he will do something but takes some time, ultimately he kept his words and arranged for the full reimbursement. Normally they would try to repair but in my case the hardware was not available it seems. If hardware not available a replacement will be given, but I think they are going to stop the model, so they gave back money.


I had purchased on Samsung Jet phone and sud suddenly it stopped working after 5 months of purchase, the reason was processor burnt internally. Had given the phone to service center 4 months back.


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Samsung jet frustration cond….

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 13, 2010

Firstly I appoligise for making this blog as “Samsung blaming blog”. This one is very interesting and I cannot get hold of it.

Adding to the frustration of being a proud owner of Samsung Jet, the processor and the memory unit of my 6 month old samsung jet BRUNT OUT. It was a very crucial time when this happened. My dad was admitted at the hospital and the next day an operation was scheduled, unfortunately the smarter than smart phone stopped booting ( may be it was so down that my dad was admitted  😛 ). No contacts, cannot even receive important calls. I was not known that CPU was brunt and I was in a feeling that some minor stuff and once firmware is flashed it would become okay.

I went to service center only after 4 – 5 days and got shocked when the guy told CPU and memory unit is brunt and even more shocked when they told it cannot be covered under warranty. The whole story below ( This is the email I sent to customer care center after all these )


I purchased Samsung S8003 mobile phone with emei number 357381030801040 by paying a hefty INR 19000 inclusive of tax from Maya Mobiles #541 CHM Road, Indira nagar, Bangalore 560038 wide invoice number SI/CMH/776 on 10 Dec 2009. All of a sudden on 1 May 2010 the phone stopped booting. I went to below mentioned service center on 7 May 2010 at about 12 noon

Muilti Tech services
V Seetharamiaha Complex,3rd Main Mathikere  BANGALORE, KARNATAKA
Ph: +91 80 40996080

The service executive opened the phone in front of me and told that CPU is brunt out. He told replacement of CPU is not possible at that site and asked me to visit the company’s service head office at

No 9, 27th Main
1st Stage, 1st Phase,
BTM Layout ring road,
Bangalore, Karnataka
Ph: +91 80 66595195
+91 80 66595193
+91 9036066690

I visited the above mentioned head office which is 20 Km from my residence ( Hebbal, Bangalore ) and spoke to Mr. XYZ, Manager and informed the situation. Mr. XYZ immediately spoke to Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and informed the service executive to accept the Handset. Mr. XYZ told me to go back and deposit the handset at  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore. On 8 May 2010 I went to  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and asked the service executive to accept the handset as per Mr. XYZ‘s instructions. But the service executive rejected to accept claiming that there is no claim for CPU brunt case. Service executive also claimed that the cell phone was opened before but I have never opened ( Why will I go to other service center in the warranty period? ).  I really got upset by the deficiency in the service. I had made to move here and there and till now no resolution seen.

I have already went thrice to the service center with no use, I cannot go to any service center again. I am approaching the consumer’s forum unless you make some arrangement to collect the handset at my residence before 7 days from now and do the needful service.


Karthik Ananth

The service center people were really talking non – sense. They told these following sentence. Cannot imaging that the number 1 consumer electronics company talking silly like this –

1. “Sir, we cannot really say wheather you get warranty or not sir. It is like LUCK ( WTF,  what do you mean by luck? ) 50% chance of you getting warranty. That too we cannot do anything you have to visit our head service center. ”


Service executive: Sir, it is opened somewhere else. I could see a scratch inside.

Me: It is not openened man, why will I open in the warranty period.

Service executive: I do not know anything sir, whatever I see will be reported to you. There was a scratch inside that means you have opened before.

Me: Man, Scratch could have been before also, that cannot become proof for me opened before. You should have a seal if you claim that warranty will be void if seal is removed. You cannot simply claim that we opened by seeing a scratch inside.


( Uhhhaaaa, what the hell is he talking man, why the hell Nokia came here, I laughed left and right internally )

Let us wait and see what these guys do. I am not leaving as is, I am so frustrated and I am going to fight in the court if it is not resolved.

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Smater than Smart guys proving smartness

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 18, 2010

This is all about Samsung again –

One of the recent complaint email I wrote to Samsung. As usual they sent some automated email kind of thing  which has got all sorry for inconvenience blah blah… This time I just went through full email, there it was a link saying, “ * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please   click here “. I just thought let me try this also. If I click the link it opened up a form where I wrote whole my complaint that no one is responding that this and all.. If I try to send it, it is not going, it asked me to fill in all mandatory fields, damn!!! All the mandatory fields are DISABLED FOR EDIT!!!!!! – try out the link – http://erms.samsungelectronics.com/customer/form/formmail/common/common_usa.jsp?SITE_ID=50&PROD_ID=1886&AGE_ID=400&QST_ID=16508169

I tried in all three browsers I have, also check source using firebug , mandatory fields were disabled 🙂 🙂

Bottom line:

I agree that samsung guys are smarter. They are showing smartness not in product building but in escaping from customers. I appreciate their innovations in finding ways to escape and their idea to apply the smartness in right places…


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Problem with Samsung PC suite

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 17, 2010

I am using NPC version 1.2.0 IG3. I tried to update ( To version 1.2.1 IH2_6) the application from the application itself using “Update” option. It prompted to close the application in order to update, I clicked okay, application got closed and there was no user notification. In the background its process is running (NPSFull.exe) for hours together eating more than 50% of my processor time. Attaching an image justifying it. Note that, the time in the image is the total process time that it has used, not the duration from which it is running. It is still running, I do not know when will it end? Is it doing some useful thing or a malware.  I wonder if samsung realease softwares without testing or what? What ever I do there is an issue/problem.

( Now the processor time is 3 hrs 45 mins, still running consuming more than 50% )

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Samsung jet “Copy Paste” feature

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 31, 2009

In my previous entry I had mentioned few disadvantages of Samsung jet and one was related to “Copy Paste” feature. Few of my friends asked me “why the hell you need that feature, even though we have, never used!!!”. They might not used it because they would have used it as just a phone, but when we try doing other stuffs than just calling and sms, the importance of the feature will be seen. I would like to share couple of experience that happened me.

Scenario 1: Send a mail using inbuilt email Client, the content of the email is there in sent items of gmail.

Soln: If the feature would have been there I could have directly copied content from Gmail app to the editor and sent.
But that is not the case, so I had to follow these steps –
1. Forwarded from Gmail to email account that is configured in phones email client.
2. Again I forwarded from configured email client to the required person. Very bad thing while sending is I had to remove the “Forward headers” character by character ( one hit to delete each char) as we cannot even select some text and say remove ( Also cannot even press and hold backspace, doing so clears whole of your content).
Scenario 2: Deleting a block of text

There is no select block of text and delete. – Can you tell me what is the procedure to delete a block of text?? How can you ask your users to hit backspace 100-1000 times to delete a block of text? Do not you think it is ridiculous to keep pressing backspace 100 to 1000 times which takes few seconds to just delete a block of text. The same thing can be done in few milliseconds it you had a “Select and Delete” option.

I have seen this feature in a very basic handset of Nokia and sony that costs 1/4th the money I have spent for the Samsung Jet.

When it is advertised as “Smarter than Smartphone” we expect that it server at least  70-80 percent of the work that can be done on some other real smart phones. But lacking this feature is a blocker. I cannot even share across applications.

I am fighting with samsung support team to bring into the notice and somehow get this feature in next firmware upgrades, so far I have seen that they are very lazy and almost never replies to emails. Live chat guys are very smart, they just tell you “email your concern to our support team sir. email id is india.support@samsung.com ( internal to them, THEY NEVER TURN UP, just write mail and keep waiting !!!! )”

Any comments, suggestions are welcome

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Samsung Jet review

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 26, 2009

My recent purchase is samsung Jet s8003 smarter than samtphone handset. Specification wise it looks very good and we can say its value for money. When I started using it, I started feeling that it is missing basic features and those missing features making it unusable and realised why it is priced low to its compitators. It has features to say but not to use. Confused, let me clarify with few examples –

  • It has Got wi-fi support but does not have basic authentication protocol like EAP-TLS, cannot connect to office network.
  • It has bluetooth but cannot have audio streaming wit a normal handsfree, where as my basic nokia 3500c  use to stream audio with the same handsfree.
  • It does not have a clipboard, cannot copy paste text seems to be a basic feature missing. Even my nokia 3500 ( priced at 4k) has this copy – paste feature. Being a touch screen and you cannot copy is really shame.  Opera mini 5.1 beta helped me to an extent, it has got copy-paste feature, though I cannot paste it outside Opera, I can can save content into my email drafts.
  • No customization in phone profiles. Cannot create profiles or set timed profile changes.
  • Java app installation is extremely difficult, you need to install some third part application on to you pc and do some circus to install a java app, here is detailed procedure.
  • you can copy links using the default browser but you should send the copied link to someone using sms. Yes, if you copy a link, the link get pasted in sms editor and can do nothing than sending it to someone or saving as a text message for yourself.
  • It has got some memo widget but it does not get saved as files, i do not know what to do wit those memos.
  • It has got some motion recognition stuff which we can never use.
  • It cannot even be compared to a smart phone.
  • Search in SMS and Email pop3 client is missing.
  • Contact search of not inline search. It takes you to the text editor where you need to enter name to search and press “Done”, then it comes back and gives you results.
  • Touch screen is not that sensitive at corners of the screen

Few good points:

  • Liked camera, it awesome. Good 5mp loaded with shooting modes and modes does work fantastically.
  • Signal reception, music player, audio quality are awesome.
  • Touch sensitivity is very good, comparable to c type. It acknowledges the touch with a vibration, which is impressive. Also scrolling the list gives an effect of speed of scroll though vibration intensity and interval of vibration. It is really cool feature.
  • Display is awesome, gives a really cool effect. Also possible to view in sunlight on setting brightness to max.
  • Handwriting recognition is acurate  and consistent, though we cannot use it much as it becomes slow compared to typing
  • Speed is good, we can feel the power of 800Mhz processor, apps gets initiated at super fast. Also repose time is great.

Bottomline: It is a good multimedia phone but NOT a smart phone

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