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Real estate buying decision

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 20, 2014

Recently I was running around to buy a property in Bengaluru. With lot of options around and price range, it was very difficult to make an informed decision.

These days, nobody will spend on real estate without capital gains in mind. When it comes to capital gains, it is important to make decisions based on the best investment option from a financial perspective. Due to the lack of knowledge on the finance, we tend to just guess or take risk. Majority of the crowd I know ( including me) has no clue on how to compare two or more investment options from perspective of profitability

To fill in this gap, I registered to a course on “Fundamentals of Finance” from Guatam Kaul in coursera, which helped me tremendously to analysis options I have from a financial perspective.

There are number of factors that matters to make a final decision to invest on real estate, Like –

  1. Ready to occupy/under construction
  2. Payment schedule
  3. Possession date
  4. Reputation on builder to stick on to schedule
  5. Interest rate
  6. Rent anticipated ( In case of investment )
  7. Tax saving etc.,


How do we factor in all of these parameters and make an informed decisions among the numerous options around?

Certain decision has to be made before coming to the financial comparison. Like – City, Area to invest, Builder segment, Budget, Size

Once these are done, look for options around and collect the information given above. There is a financial model called NPV ( Net present Value ) using which you can actually find out the financially better option

Here is the excel for the calculation and with few of the options I had considered ( Data in it is an year old )

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4N200WmhdivLWRjWTJvdzJZQnM/edit?usp=sharing ( Download and use, just viewing in the pop up does not clearly shows information )

Feel free to download and use it to your benefit as you wish. If you find out any flaws in the excel, please leave a comment.

About the excel:

It has 5 properties compared with different features –

  • Mantri under costruction pay out pre-emi ( Builder will payout interest part till the completion of the project ) which is accounted in the calculation
  • Mantri ready to occupy  which will start earning rent from day 1
  • Other under construction with varied hand off time

The last column ( NPV ) provides you the information of  “What is the current value of the investment, if the property is sold after n number of years”. For example, if NPV in 5th row is 10 Lakhs – It mean, after 5 years if you sell, you will become as much financially capable if you were have 10 Lakhs today.

In order to achieve the provided NPV, you should sell your property at a price of “Capital Value” + “Capital on Interiors” on that year. That looks like a big number but considering inflation/real estate capital growth, it is quite achievable. This number looks big number, but the current value of the investment is much lesser considering inflation and the interest you have paid.

While making the decision, look for the highest NPV over the horizon of investment with in your budget

Analysing the data:

Surprisingly, some of the properties are not having a positive NPV for years together. These should not be purchased if the purpose is investment. For example, Sobha city is having negative NPV. The payment structure is not considered here, that can mostly be ignored as you would pay 90% pretty quickly.

Some other option has a positive NPV right from the first year.

About my decision:

I decided for Mantri ( 1305 ) based on the positive NPV right from year 1. Other option could have been Mantri (1740) but the capital is high for me to afford. The Pre-emi payout in the whole investment calculation is making a big difference.

Closing note:

Your feedbacks are very much welcome, please leave comments on your thoughts and if you find anything wrong the calculations. If you are in need of any special kind of requirement while comparing the options, please leave a comment, so that I can help you to customise the calculations to meet your requirement.


I am not marketing for any builder here. This is just my personal thinking around real estate investment decision. I also not responsible for any damage caused using the information provided.


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The end for Samsung frustration

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 4, 2010

I had been talking about my purchase of Samsung jet phone and the problems that I had faced few months back. Finally the END for all the frustration. Know what, Samsung reimbursed the whole bill amount ( INR 19000 )  on 1 Sept 2010.

I directly dealt with Service manager in their head service office at Bangalore.  He had promised me that he will do something but takes some time, ultimately he kept his words and arranged for the full reimbursement. Normally they would try to repair but in my case the hardware was not available it seems. If hardware not available a replacement will be given, but I think they are going to stop the model, so they gave back money.


I had purchased on Samsung Jet phone and sud suddenly it stopped working after 5 months of purchase, the reason was processor burnt internally. Had given the phone to service center 4 months back.

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Samsung Jet review

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 26, 2009

My recent purchase is samsung Jet s8003 smarter than samtphone handset. Specification wise it looks very good and we can say its value for money. When I started using it, I started feeling that it is missing basic features and those missing features making it unusable and realised why it is priced low to its compitators. It has features to say but not to use. Confused, let me clarify with few examples –

  • It has Got wi-fi support but does not have basic authentication protocol like EAP-TLS, cannot connect to office network.
  • It has bluetooth but cannot have audio streaming wit a normal handsfree, where as my basic nokia 3500c  use to stream audio with the same handsfree.
  • It does not have a clipboard, cannot copy paste text seems to be a basic feature missing. Even my nokia 3500 ( priced at 4k) has this copy – paste feature. Being a touch screen and you cannot copy is really shame.  Opera mini 5.1 beta helped me to an extent, it has got copy-paste feature, though I cannot paste it outside Opera, I can can save content into my email drafts.
  • No customization in phone profiles. Cannot create profiles or set timed profile changes.
  • Java app installation is extremely difficult, you need to install some third part application on to you pc and do some circus to install a java app, here is detailed procedure.
  • you can copy links using the default browser but you should send the copied link to someone using sms. Yes, if you copy a link, the link get pasted in sms editor and can do nothing than sending it to someone or saving as a text message for yourself.
  • It has got some memo widget but it does not get saved as files, i do not know what to do wit those memos.
  • It has got some motion recognition stuff which we can never use.
  • It cannot even be compared to a smart phone.
  • Search in SMS and Email pop3 client is missing.
  • Contact search of not inline search. It takes you to the text editor where you need to enter name to search and press “Done”, then it comes back and gives you results.
  • Touch screen is not that sensitive at corners of the screen

Few good points:

  • Liked camera, it awesome. Good 5mp loaded with shooting modes and modes does work fantastically.
  • Signal reception, music player, audio quality are awesome.
  • Touch sensitivity is very good, comparable to c type. It acknowledges the touch with a vibration, which is impressive. Also scrolling the list gives an effect of speed of scroll though vibration intensity and interval of vibration. It is really cool feature.
  • Display is awesome, gives a really cool effect. Also possible to view in sunlight on setting brightness to max.
  • Handwriting recognition is acurate  and consistent, though we cannot use it much as it becomes slow compared to typing
  • Speed is good, we can feel the power of 800Mhz processor, apps gets initiated at super fast. Also repose time is great.

Bottomline: It is a good multimedia phone but NOT a smart phone

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New Cat eye strada

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 9, 2009

Finally got my cyclo computer by travelling  all the way from Amazon.com to Davenport to Pune to Bangalore. There was not hassle for installation. It is working fine till now, readings are quite accurate and consistent, water resistant, easy to change mode while riding as it has only one button to change mode. Speedometer is displayed in large font and easy to read. It gives total pedling time, using it you can find out the total idle time in your trip. I wanted this feature to know total time I spend in signlas, believe it or not it will be less than 5 min (in my 15 ride) and the best case was 1min. Such a small idle time can never happen in motor bike/car. This is the major time saving as I feel. My friends wonder about how I can cover 15km in 55mins, I simply give this reading 🙂

Cateye mounted on stem

Cateye mounted on stem

Current reading
Total distance: 183 Km
Avg speed: 15.8 (had even crossed 16.2)
Max speed: 44.6 (Do not get shocked, its in a downhill, not my effort)

Few drawbacks

  1. Display cannot not be easily dismantled
  2. No light so it requires street light help to know the readings at night

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