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HTC Touch 2 (T3320) do not have GPS antenna

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 17, 2010

I always wanted to buy a phone that should have all the features around, like 3G, wi-fi, gps, camera, email, office suite everything. So I purchased Samsung jet and most of you know the whole story – here it is. Then I thought of going to a good windows mobile so that any application can be installed. So I decided and purchased HTC Touch 2.  It working fine but whenever I tried to use GPS it used to fail saying “GPS signal is too weak”.  Searched in the web and did whole bunch of tweaks to get the GPS working but failed, failed and failed. Every where there was a mention of “QuickGPS” application, but it was not found on my phone, so I called up the customer care asking help for installing QuickGPS application. Unfortunately they told “There is no GPS antenna in this model !!!!”. The website clearly tells that there is internal gps antenna!! – http://www.htc.com/in/product/touch2/specification.html, this website is specific to India also. Another proof is http://www.htc.com/in/howto.aspx?p_id=301&id=80 ( Again India specific link ).  Let me paste the response from HTC –

Dear karthik,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns. To clarify your issue, you stated that: You are facing issue with the GPS. Regarding this we understand that you are facing issue with the GPS, we would like to intimate you that HTC Touch2 (T3320) does not have inbuilt GPS. If you want to use the GPS, you will have to use an external antenna.You may search for the external antenna in the local market. You can also call our Call Center at: 1800 11 33 77 if you have further questions. Thank you once again for your continued patronage.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10INCW38ENA000468.




Unfortunately they have two versions for the same model, T3333 and T3320. T3320 is the special version and I, the unlucky guy to pick up without even knowing that there are two versions of the same handset.  I asked the croma sales executive 100 times if gps is supported and he always used to say “Yes, Yes, Yes “. But the second link definitely miss leading, one who is reading that will not even know that there are 2 versions of the handset.

Why are big big companies miss leading and the miss leading happens to me always? Should I fight again or what?

Other proud HTC Touch 2, check your model by Start->Settings->System->Device Information->Identy(Tab), if it says T3333 they you are fine, you can use GPS happily, if it says T3320 then join me.


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Test drove few cars

Posted by karthikjcecs on June 5, 2010

I had a plan for some 5lk range car, after checking felt it is good to increase the budget. In the palace cross road ( off Bellary road ) you get 3 show room at one roof, Ford, Volkswagen and Mahindra, near to that you can also find Maruthi, Hyundai and skoda in bellary road. My driving experience and few facts follows. I am going to tell only the experience without quoting any technical details, technical details are anyway available on the respective websites but hard to obtain the actual driving experience, so it may help

1. Ford Figo 1.2 pertrol titanium

Pick up and power  is not that grea, even the AC is not that great. It does not give a cool driving experience, it seems like crying to pull.  Music system which is in built is of very good also includes bluetooth and USB. It has electronic mirror control also. control and handling seems to be okay. Rear seat leg room is good. Does not having rear power window seems to be a drawback and also not possible to install it as per the sales executive.

2. Ford Figo 1.4 pertrol titanium

This has addressed power issue. Perfectly pulls. Good driving experience.


First 3 services completely free not even oil charges ect., ( As per sales exec, do not hit me if they charge at the time  of service. ) 3 services will be covered in one year, after that every 10000 km or one year service charge will be Rs. 2000.

3. Logan 1.5  DLX ( diesel  )

I was looking for petrol one but they did not have one for test drive and simply gave the diesel model. But yes, it helped me in a way to get a feel of diesel cars. After driving this, I went back to figo diesel, otherwise I would not have driven.

The driving experience is good in terms of power, pickup and control but the steering touches the leg while driving which is great uncomfortable for me. Seat height adjustment is there. Comes with audio systems without USB and bluetooth. Music system is not that great. Rear seat leg room is good. All four power window is available but the bad thing is the control for rear windows is not at the door but in middle ( beside driver seat), so that single control can be used by rear passengers and the driver.  The interiors seems to be cheap except seats.


15000km once service which would come nearly 7000

4. Volkswagen polo highline petrol

Good power, pickup, control. Rear seat is so conjugated, no proper legroom, no driver seat height adjustment. Audio system with USB but no bluetooth. The reverse gear is at the opposite side that we normally have.

5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( petrol )

This is the perfect thing. Very comfortable driving seat, with good steering adjustment, electronic mirror control, mirror closing, 6 level seat height adjustment, audio controls at steering, leather steering cover, all power windows with single control, keyless entry, alloy wheels, airbags, abs with EBD, acceleration through wire, rear seat leg room, climate controlled A/C. The driving is perfect. Very good power, pickup and control, suspension could have been bit better. Gives a fantastic feel. Music system with USB and AUX but no bluetooth, they say because of safety they have not included, if needed can be included by paying 10k extra.

The sales representative was the best among all others, he was knowing complete technical details and was very enthusiastic to explain each and every aspect.
5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( diesel )

All the above + Still more more power, fantastic it is. You can feel that it is diesel ( Obviously ) at initial torque,  cannot make it run in 2nd gear, which I normally do in petrol engines.

6. Skoda fabia ( petrol )

It lost for i20. Power wise okay, but interiors and feature wise seems to lower compared to i20. Music system not great, no USB even. No climate control, steering adjustment available, seat height available.


Every 10000km per year Rs. 7000 service charge.

One free service after one year which would cost you 4k for oil change.

Had went to check Maruthi Ritz but they did not have a test  vehicle and told that they will send one, I have to see. Also need to check Chevrolet models  – Aveo U-VA.

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Last working day at IBM

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 18, 2010

Its been one and half year since I joined IBM. It is a really great time there, enjoyed a lot in all the 4 projects that I involved. I got a good opportunity to work as a lead and I performed up to my satisfaction. Let me talk about our team, the team was bit different than you normally hear about. It is in between research and product development, all projects were small and proof of concept kind. We use to work on a proposal and coceptualizing it so that it sells in the market. The team was really great. I was working under a brilliant, focused lead, Kiran –  who became my inspiration to work on each and every stuff.

Short overview of the achievements:


I worked as a guide to one of the internship project where 2 from SJCE were interning with us. It went for some 4  months and we were able to achieve what we planned. Guys were smart engough to understand the project and pretty good in speed.

A project I liked a lot:

As it is highly confidentail I cannot even name the project, though I can share some of the expiriences. It was again a proof of concept project where I had 3 junior developers, I had the responsibility to make sure the development runs smothly and my lead was architecturing the project. It went around 6 months. During the course of time I took intiative and implemented the agile practices in team. It was quite successful and we were able to really visualize the increase in development speed. That is the time where I became Agile fan. The process is damn good and I would recommend any one of adopt agile practices. Also the junior team was very enthusiastic and dedicated because of which we were able to do it.

A product development:

Again, a highly confidential product development, It was a project that was been developing from scratch and I involved for a short duration of POC of the project and also for a short duration in the product development. Here is where I learnt the product development process with a bigger team, how agile can be impletmented in teams more than 100 members. Great expirience.

TEO ( Technical education outreach )

This is a program where IBM sponsors to visit any of schools in rural area and provide them a hands on expirience on techonology. I voluteered to such a program that happened in Jan 2010 in HD kote.

We had a plan to build a robot using the lego robot kit and give students a challenge to program. It was a tremondous expirience, we never expected that students of standard 10th will have such a graspping power and program a robot with just one day learning. Along with that there were some other science expiriments like simple DC motor, proving some geometrical theorms using paper cutting. Students and teachers very happy and the event was a great success.

Farewell to me

Many did not know that it was my last working day. I had only informed to few key people in advance. A short and sweet farewell went where my product team involved and spoke good words. Liked it a lot. Also got couple of nice presents 😛

Why did I leave all these comforts?

This is the question everyone asks me, I Joined cisco to make my dream true – I had a dream in my college days to work in cisco and that is it. But obviously that is not the only reason, there are some other reasons also which helped me to take a decission. There days passed in Cisco, just the orientation program went off along with introdution to the team. Team seems to be cool team as expected, have not got a chance to look that the kind of work that I will be doing. At a high level will be in Java based tool development project. Hope I get a lot to code here too.

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Skandagiri Trek

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 15, 2009

It was Friday the 13 Nov 2009 when my friend Lakshmi initiated a plan to skandagiri Trek. It was very short duration so we could not call all of our group, so we decided for a quick plan with limited numbers. Started to read reviews and came to know that it is the night trek and will be tremendous if it is a full moon day. Unfortunately 14 Nov was close to a new moon day (16 Nov was new moon day), so we could not even think of it. We decided to have an early morning trek, start here by 6:30 and return by evening. Lakshmi accepted to bring her car and our meeting point was decided as hebbal

At 6:30 am

Gowtham and me meet up at hebbal were on time, Lakshmi and Navya reached there at 6:45, we all got into car and headed towards Devanahalli. No one was visited before so no one knew the route exactly. I had taken print out of directions given by google and was freqently confusing about the route. All others were trusting local help than lifeless google server. We kept on asking people about the route. We finally reached by taking route, Hebbal->Devahalli->towards chickkaballapur, left deviation after a railway level crossing around 5-6 km before chikkaballapur. The deviation took us to village “Thinahalli” and then muddenahalli road to get into village “Kalavar”, yes skandagiri hills lies in village Kalavar, local peolple would usually identify it as Kalavar than skandagiri.

At 8:30

We reached base of hills. It was covered with mist and peak was not at all visible, we were so exited to start climbing and reach the peak before mist goes off. When we are about to park our vehicle, we heard the shocking news by one guy there. The news was that “TREKKING PROHIBITED FROM YESTERDAY”…… Hey how can this happen, no ways,,, Are we not climbing this exiting hills?? I had seen wikipeadia and it was updated on 9th Nov 2009 , which is so pretty latest but “Ban from yesterday??” how unlucky we are… Alternate feelings were there in the group like if it is prohibited why taking risk and others, let take risk and start climbing lets see what happens… Also he might be bluffing, we decided to talk to police and confirm it. We headed towards starting point in search of police. On the way other people also told it is prohibited and he would take us to a different route which is safer. We disagreed and continued to meet up police and know what the exact situation is. Two guys were coming back from the trek which gave us a ray of hope and asked them whether it is safe, they told we can go just half way but not allowed to go to peak. Finally reached starting point and everyone’s face became like this – 😦 by seeing the board “Prohibited area, No entry”.  We asked someone there that where can we find police, he replied, police will be there only till 6am and if we want to climb he would guide us half way through. We decided not to take risk and headed back. Just came one furlong and stopped to have breakfast which Lakshmi managed to prepare early in the morning and bring it for us. Viewing hills and just imagining how it would have been if we were on the top now we had our breakfast. Started back again still in dilemma. A small mud road gave us the break for the day. We stopped and went inside the path, a man was doing something and I asked if we can go on trek in this way, he told there is a way and we can go. I called up all others, parked the car there itself and started marching, we thought that man is not knowing about prohibition.

At the base

Mist covered peak at 8:30

At 9:10 am

We decided to go for a very short distance and come back. We just wanted to have feel of trek at least. Navya was very scared and denying even to go for short distance, we somehow convinced her and started. We climbed for 20 mins and found some people were getting down. We asked them and came to know that we are allowed to trek after 6 am that is the reason they started trek at 6 am. Wow!! great, we can go till top, but still worried a bit, worry went off when see another 2 groups coming down. We understood why police goes back after 6 am, the guy there was just bluffing to act a guide and make some money by taking night prohibition as advantage. We were clear that we are going till the peak but we realized that we do not have anything except 2 small bottles of water. Luckily weather was cloudy and breakfast had give good energy to climb.


While climbing

At 10:00 am

The peak is still covered with mist, a hope in our corners that there is a chance that mist still be there while we reach, we kept on seeing the mist covered peak and climbing, the scene around us was awesome, photography was banned by Lakshmi on our onward journey to save time and it was opened on return journey.

At 10:30 am

Mist went off :(, peak is clearly visible but the route was not, yeah we lost our way. But it was like okay we could manage to climb steps kind of support engraved on rocks. We reached one fort kind of thing which was one level. From there we could see the actual path and realized that we came through some other bit difficult path

At 11:00 am

Guess what?? Yesss you are right, we are on the peak,… Wow!! it was so exciting, weather was still cloudy but no mist. Scenes around us, weather, cool breeze made us forgot about the mist and cloud. What next – yes, its photography time.. Started to take artistic photographs, took few hundreds of photos. Gowtham experimented his photography ideas we being his test dummies. We started giving all kind of expressions, poses for photos, I went up on a small stone roof for posing to photos.


On the peak


Me over the roof at the peak

At 12:00 pm

It become even colder weather turned misty, I think the peak was not visible from the base and we could not see it as we are close, far way hills were covered with mist. We convinced ourselves that we are inside the mist and achieved what we dreamt.


Other hills covered with mist

At 12:15 pm

Its time to get back. Just missed the way a bit and finally reached the base at 2:15


While coming back

At 2:15 pm at the car

Gowtham: Everything went well. We would have missed this assuming it is banned. Great that we completed!!

Me: If the car is proper then we are done!!

We all had the left out breakfast, drank 2 bottles of water. Me and Gowtham waiting outside expecting car will be reversed and we will get in, but heard shocking news again by a voice inside the car… You already guessed it right – yes “Hey, its not starting, kanro”.. Oh no!! what happened, someone here did something to it, did anyone stole battery as it was unattended for more than 4 hours. Opened the bonnet to see battery there, one doubt is solved. We asked some two guys over there for any mechanics, they themselves came to see what has happened. He told by just seeing the batter that the battery has discharged completely and it is not charging because of the dust that came out of the battery and the connection to battery was lost. He asked us to pour water on it and remove the dust using a stick. He was a driver which helped us, very thanks to him. They also pushed and it ignited. Oh yes!! we did not take risk kill the engine till we reach a restaurant on the way. By this time battery was charged and was getting started. Had good lunch and drove back to Bangalore by 5:30…

Hey what are you waiting for?? We reached Bangalore and that is the end of this story yaar…

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All about controlling diabetes

Posted by karthikjcecs on July 12, 2009

We had been to Diacon which is one of the popular Diabetic specialty hospital in bangalore, which has its name since 20 years. The reason for the visit is for the routine check up for my mother who is a Diabetic. There was a class of about 2 hours for all the first time visit patients and their attendants, we marched in and learnt lot of things about Diabetes and controlling measures. I am just capturing all those stuffs along with knowledge gained by speaking to doctors there.

What is diabetes?
Increase in sugar level in blood is diabetes. This happens because of decreased Insulin in blood. Insulin is responsible for shipping sugar from blood into cells. If the Insulin level gets decreased shipping of sugar from blood to cells also decreases resulting in increased sugar level in blood. There are two kinds of Diabetes based on the reason for lowered level of Insulin viz Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, There will be no Insulin generated at all in the body. In Type 2, insulin will be generated in lesser quantity and/or generated Insulin in not so active. Type 1 will usually seen in children whereas Type 2 is most commonly seen in elders.

How to control?
Note: Whatever the food you takes get converted into sugar
If you want me to tell in one sentence, “Control the food intake such that, Insulin content of your body should be capable of shipping all the converted sugar to cells”. Pretty simple huh? But the complicated part is how do you get to know how much food to take? how much insulin you have? This highly depends upon the individual, these has to be understood by closely monitoring of sugar level for a sufficient time duration. To help to monitor there are few guidelines to follow, here are those

    Food habbits
    Limit your food. You can eat anything except few.

      Vegetables to be avoided:
      1. Potato
      2. Beetroot
      3. Pumpkin
      4. Sweet potato
      5. Suvarna Gedde (Kannada word, I do not know what in english)

      Dangerous fruits, should not touch at all:
      1. Banana (Any kind)
      2. Jack fruit
      3. Mango (Stay away, very dangerous)
      4. Custard Apple
      5. Green Grapes

      Fruits can be taken (Only if sugar level is normal)
      1. Orange
      2. Papaya
      3. Back grapes
      4. Musambi
      5. Pomegranate

    Strict timing and quantity of food habbits
    Ideal suggestion for taking food:
    Coffee : 7:30 (No sugar)
    Breakfast : 9:00 am
    Fillers (120ml Coffee or Buttermilk ) : 11:30 am
    Lunch : 1:00 pm
    Snack : 4:30 pm
    Dinner : 9:00pm
    Milk (120ml) : 10:30pm

    Walking and excise
    This is a must. At least 45 minutes walk per day. Walking helps to activate the insulin to work properly and also helps in burning calories. Walking should be brisk, uniform and continuous. If walking cannot be done continuously because of knee pain or any other reason should try to walk inside home itself giving frequent breaks.

Maintaining sugar level
The sugar level should be less than 120 at fasting and below 180 after exactly one and half hours taking food.

Many believe that taking Insulin has lot of side effects and its not good. But the truth is, it is the best solution because Insulin is not a medicine. It is just a protein. Taking Insulin directly will have a supportive action. It is simple to take now, the technology offers painless, hassle less injections which can be taken by the patient and does not take more than 30 sec. Only drawback is once started then should be taken regularly and should maintain strict timing of injection

Synthesis of Insulin
Even though its very complicated process, I will just brief here. Its by fermentation of human Insulin using yeast and separation of yeast from Insulin. There are misconception that Insulin is extracted from animals. Animal Insulin cannot be given to humans at all.

History of Insulin
The first successful experiment was extraction of insulin from dog pancreas(Organ which generates Insulin) and injected to a diabetic dog. The dog survived and the Insulin was born. Inventors involved in the research were Dr. Fredrick Banting, Charles Best (a medical student at the time of the discovery), Professor J. J. R. Macleod and Dr. James Collip. They got noble award in the year 1923. In January, 1922, a diabetic teenager in a Toronto hospital named Leonard Thompson became the first person to receive an injection of insulin.

DISCLAIMER: All the information above are subject to understanding of the author and general information. Author is not medical consultant. Please consult your doctor before taking any action.

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Trip to hebbe falls

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 24, 2009

I had been to lingadahalli(My native) last weekend (17/05/09) for an annual function called Ramotsava. This happens every year and I do not miss this at any cost. Almost all related to village comes and attends this function. It runs for 9/10 days and the last 2 days is of so prominent and there will be seeta kalyana, Rama Pattabhisheka also Utasava (we carry god idol and roam all over the village with lot of bhajans) in the evening.

We go on a one day trip to near by place after Ramotsava finishes. Going trip has become almost like a culture. The trip is very different and interesting. Around 100+ people go on Tractors. This time we have many people so that we had 3 Tractors. A very different experience traveling on a vehicle without Shocks and on a mountain trail. We planned to hebbe falls this time. Hebbe is situated near kemmangundi range. Its about 20 km from Kemmangundi. Roads are horrible over there, full of stones (iron ore) on the roads. There is Govt jeep service to Hebbe falls from kemmandundi and they charge around Rs 600 per trip. But we had a even better vehicle :). We crosses kemmangundi playing antyakshari inside Tractor, lot of jokes and joy. After around 5 km form Kemmangundi Tractor stopped and told that it cannot take all the load as roads are very narrow and downhill. So only age old people and children got the chance to sit inside Tractor and we (the young warm blooded strong guys) are forced to trek till the falls. I started to search my slipper inside tractor(where I had kept while entering), unfortunately found only one :(, other was missed somewhere. I just wore one and telling myself that I am very strong, I can do it without slippers. We took a short cut trek even though there was clear road. After a while I started feeling the pain, the path was full of stones, but there was no other go, I made it. It was a nice 10km Trek. Finally saw the water falls (Wow!! I am big fan of falls, water, swimming). I Dived without thinking anything. I did not come out of water for 2 and half hours. We sat against the falls and its like free body massage. Also taught swimming to new buddies over there. Finally without willingly came out of water on instruction of our co coordinators. I was the last guy to come out. There was food being cooked for us (Yammiee), eat like anything, also had black coffee as there was no milk left out to prepare coffee. Started our return journey at around 6:30pm and this is really late to walk in such place. It is inside the coffee estate, it became complete dark at around 7pm. Still we have to cover around 8km and I am on bare foot, roads not visible, my god it was horrible. Finally managed to reach the top at 9:20pm. Tractor was waiting for us, occupied our seats and reached our village at 10:30. I was like sleeping whole day but an auto was booked at 12:30 for us to come to Birur where we get bus to Bangalore. In a dilemma I decided to go come back to bang. Reached bang at 6am with complete body pain 🙂

PS: There are two hebbe falls, one main falls for which trek is a must to read. Another is lower falls (Which we had visited) which you can reach very close to falls in Jeeps(only Jeeps).

These tourist spots are Karnantaka govt recognized places and its painful to see the connectivity to this. It can be improved and collect toll charges, it can attract lakhs of tourists.

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New Cat eye strada

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 9, 2009

Finally got my cyclo computer by travelling  all the way from Amazon.com to Davenport to Pune to Bangalore. There was not hassle for installation. It is working fine till now, readings are quite accurate and consistent, water resistant, easy to change mode while riding as it has only one button to change mode. Speedometer is displayed in large font and easy to read. It gives total pedling time, using it you can find out the total idle time in your trip. I wanted this feature to know total time I spend in signlas, believe it or not it will be less than 5 min (in my 15 ride) and the best case was 1min. Such a small idle time can never happen in motor bike/car. This is the major time saving as I feel. My friends wonder about how I can cover 15km in 55mins, I simply give this reading 🙂

Cateye mounted on stem

Cateye mounted on stem

Current reading
Total distance: 183 Km
Avg speed: 15.8 (had even crossed 16.2)
Max speed: 44.6 (Do not get shocked, its in a downhill, not my effort)

Few drawbacks

  1. Display cannot not be easily dismantled
  2. No light so it requires street light help to know the readings at night

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Joined IBM

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 8, 2008

I expirienced the attachment I had developed knowingly with the my first company AllGo embedded systems while departing from AllGo. More “interesting” work matters more than the emotions, so this was the obvious decision to join IBM where I got the kind of work I really wanted to do. I stressed on interesting because it is dependent on individual, for me work at IBM seemed to be more interesting. Anybody who is interested in doing systems programming, who wants to tackle hardware interactions and performance issues AllGo is the right place. AllGo as a company I liked a lot, the work culture there, people, environment what not.

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Back to cycling

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 30, 2008

Yestarday I purchased a new BSA Mach racer in dispencery road show room at 3300(Incl of registration and road tax 🙂 ).

First day ride:

Guy delivered at 6pm. I took it and rode to my friend’s place at Koramangala. Its around 4km. Between the ride faced problem in the signal, I wanted to go straight but I was standing at left. All motor racers were so fast , could not cross till green appeared next time. Spent time till 9:25 there and started to my friend’s house in bannerghatta road (7 km). It was great expirience. It started raining heavily, I did not back off. In bannerghatta road, it was a complete traffic jam. I use to get my cycle on to the footpath and back to road frequently. I was always thinking sitting on motor bike in such traffic jams “If I were on a cycle I could have easily went through footpath”. This came true after spending almost a year of miserable bike ride on bangalore roads. Reached friends place safely at 10:25. With every good excersise and was feeling fresh.

First day ride expierience:

Riding was not too hard even after started to cycle after 5 years. Found it bit difficult to adjust with motor bikers and autos. Few slight misses of hitting me, thats ok still I have to learn some stuffs to safely ride. Rain was irritating a bit. I wear specs too, so had to vipe it occassionally to have clear vision.

Second day ride to office:

It took me 45 mins to cover 11km to office. I even climbed one flyover. Came accross the busy area like silk board, sony signal. Traffic did not disturb me much. I started to work with a fresh mind. Frankly, finished writing this blog before starting to work.

About the bicycle

Its great as of now. This is not the right time to write a review on it. Just tell my first instincts. Its the bent handle, one has to look for the fit before purchase. If its not of proper fit then you may feel so uncomfortable and may get back pain also. Need to change posture frequently as break is in the bent handle. If you have to apply break you have to bend. Another set of brake lever is there which you can apply without bending but it wont stop the bike. For slight braking you can use it. Its without gears. I did not found much difference. I climbed even fly overs with not much difficulty( I accept its harder than with gears). saddle moves horizontally for just about 1 in. I wanted it to move a bit more. Not that comfortable also. I am thinking of the change it. If felt efficiency is good. It keeps ooon moving for few pedals. Another thing is feeling lot of pressure on my hands, I think I need to take handle bars bit up and saddle bit backwards.

The speedometer:

I purchased one wireless digital speedometer at 550 in RR cycle mart. Its chaina made, some KCA 937 is written on it. It supposed to show Max speed, avg speed, trip distance, total distance, time and all. Ok, I fixed it as per the manuall and rotated the wheel, Shit!! km/hr display was sleeping at 00.0 km/hr. The components with it are a small magnet that has to be fixed on the front wheel spokes and a senser on the front fork. The senser transmits data to a digital display fixed on handle bars. What I though was sensor sensed magnet even if that magnet comes close. I removed senser and magnet and tried doing by hand itself, my friend grabbed from my hand and contacted those few times, Bang!! display started showing some reading. I became happy for not loosing money for a crappy thing. I went home fixed again and rotated wheel, shit!! again its not working. This was because of range problem. The digital should be with in 30 cm. The crapy manual had mentioned its 60cm range. Fixed those components closer, its working. But sometimes stats showing 0 as the reading even when moving and againg starts showing reading. The reading are not accurate. I am having a feeling that analog meters are pretty good than these type of wireless gadgets OR I haven got a good one. One thing is make sure it works properly before purchasing these kind and its better to ask that guy to fit and give.


Why Mach:

I was interested in buying trek 3700. I had also test rode trek 3700 in http://www.bumsonthesaddle.com. I fear of discontinue forced me not invest more. I know trek is cool enough to keep you interested in biking but also could not take risk. My plan is to use it for 4-5 months and purchase a trek after. I had a top gear in my high school. I wanted to try racers. MTBs usually have durability compared to racers. Anyhow this is used only for short term, so thought of tring it. Mach fits me well compared to hero hawk. And thunder is costly for 5 months’ use.

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New urge of cycling

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 12, 2008

Yes the urge stated again. where and when to cycle? Thinking of cycling to office everyday so that it fits into the routine. Will get good physical exercise.

Before go on purchasing one, thought of doing some reseach on it. My god I had never imagined number of things to consider before buying. The best fit, budget, type of bike, nature of use Huff. Got really cofused, so decided to take help from known ppl. Who are the known ppl?? its Bangalore-bikers@googlegroups.com, damn good mailing list. Guys here helped me a lot, guided just like kinder garden teacher teahing to a kid (off-course I am kinder garden student to this field).

For a bike to best fit you there are some of your body measurments to be taken and calculate the geometry of the bike. Also if you want to puchase a best fit bike then you have to go for a higher end bike. The low cost bikes comes with fixed geometry, not efficient too. Some of the bikes I researched are Trek 3700 – feed back for this is very good in this range of bikes. LA soverieng, not knowing about this much. Merida – Good and expensive moutian bikes, some road bikes are also available, hero – comparitively low cost bikes, feed back was good if not planning serious biking. Good one to start with in the city, The thing is hero wont come in different frame sizes, its your luck if it suits you. Some of the links below to find out best fit bikes for you,



All my bangalore-biker suggesting me to go for a trek (high end) bike, I am still thinking, expect purchase story in my next blog.

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