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Archive for November, 2011

An Year’s update

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 12, 2011

Oh my God, I cannot believe that an year  passed writing a blog!!! Was I am so busy to find time to write few words? Naa, forget it.. Was there no topics and happenings around? Naa, there are so many updates. Then why didn’t I write?? I was suffering from “Larsocomophelia syndrome” – that means too much lazy to do any task.

Quick updates ( Personal )

1. Got engaged Dec 2010, yeah, I agree, this has become old news, but this is years update, so I have to mention, please bear with me for while.. A short 1 min video here

2. Acted in a short movie and it got released on 22 Feb 2011, on my birthday. The movie made by team Mugulnage… Mugulnage is the team of my friends who are all film making enthusiast, do follow their youtube channel. This one is their first experiment on a romantic concept and me and my wife became their perfect cast.  Do watch it here.

3. Married on 24 March 2011, few pics here. Pictures captured very nicely by one of our most valuable friend Gowtham Ghatke

4. Started playing Tennis. There is court close to my house of our coach. Morning one hr of good play giving me  full enthu for rest of the day.


1. Worked on a promotional video of product I was working on. It was a great experience, a time to remember. I wanted to give back something prominent to the team and I was feeling that there is a need to market the tool internally. So, this was a small contribution that I tried out. There was some event planned from the business unit, the idea was to create a video that talks importance of our product to the internal audience. We put together few concepts, with the help of same Mugulnage team we executed recording, editing everything. The team ( yes, the dev team ) co-operated very well staying back at office till 10 in the night for 2 days. And finally the video was out after a long wait, it came out pretty well but not met the expectations. You cannot see it though as it is internal, though you can see few pics here. We presented the video in some other exhibition.

2. Moved to a different team, Email Security Appliance almost a month back.

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