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Purchase of Blackberry – Syncing contacts from windows phone to blackberry

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 18, 2010

I purchased  Blackberry bold 9000 from Global easy buy option in ebay. It was supposed to be new. Looks like new but have some doubt if it is refurbished. I do not mind as I am okay as long as it works fine. The stuff is really amazing, brilliant smart phone ever. What ever being tried works seemlessly, GPS, internet services, apps everything. GPS locks with in 30 secs. Faced only a small problem while saving syncing contacts from windows phone to this phone. I tried to sync using http://www.mylookout.com, This I was using for backing up. The contact sync faced issue because of the format mismatch. All the contacts used to come but phone number fields were empty. The windows phone has field “Business phone” and “Business phone 2” , the blackberry counter part is “Work phone” and “work phone 2”, so it was not detecting “Business phone”. Unfortunately all numbers were stored in “Business phone” field. Solved this problem in following steps –

  1. Synced all contacts from Windows mobile to outlook
  2. Exported contacts from outlook to csv
  3. Opened csv in notepad++
  4. Changed field name “Business phone” to “Work phone” and “Business Phone 2” to “Work Phone 2”  ( Only in the first row )
  5. Installed Blackberry desktop application
  6. Configured sync setting to read from CSV and pointed to modified CSV file
  7. Synced from Blackberry Desktop application to phone.

Done!! it worked 🙂






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