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Archive for August, 2010

How can I help to make my country better

Posted by karthikjcecs on August 3, 2010

Hi Readers,

I know you are surprised seeing the title. I also know that you are thinking “What happened to this guy? sud suddenly started to talk about unexpected stuffs, did he convert to be an absolute patriotic guy?? “. Of course, I too love my country as all others do and also want to do something that I can

Now coming to the point – I saw a live show in TV9 with some ruling party member and an apposition party member on the same stage and program hosts screwing them up with all the straight forward questions. The ruling party member was struggling to answer questions ( Obviously not prepared for these kind of questions ). Also made contradicting statements in 10 mins time frame. The discussion topic was about “Why did govt denied handing over bellery mining case to CBI”, first he told – “We do not trust CBI”, come on man how can a ruling party member make such  a statement? After a while he told, “We are not telling that we never give but we will make some arrangements to protect our people and then if it is required we will handover to CBI”. Come on, whom to protect and why?? The statements does not make any sense. It is clearly understandable that whats going on. At the other end, so called apposition party struggles hard to avoid any good thing to be done by the ruling party. Apposition party role is to ensure ruling party is not doing mistake but not curse always and hold on doing good stuffs. We will laugh seeing the situation BUT we are actually laughing at ourselves. Each and every individual is responsible for today’s situation, step back and think, what am I doing? Am I contributing in any way to help the situation? It is our social responsibility to act upon. Also, it is not that we have to leave our job, do some freedom fight kind of thing, but we can at least do something or the other thing. For instance, writing down somewhere ideas to improve, corruption that we come across day to day, I agree nothing might happen  from that but once the data grows we might use that data in one way or the other ( Just a random thought)

So, I started to look how I can contribute, was just searching web if I get a place where people can put all the concerns in one place. Got few as follows –

http://indiaunheard.videovolunteers.org – There guys collect all the problems as videos. Newly launched, not so matured

http://blog.wakeupindia.org – An initiative with similar thought but inactive.

I am looking for some place where every problem and concerns are captured. Whatever may be the problem, a road hump till some criminal act to bribery to corruption to politicians misleading money to a civil project bill compromised. EVERYTHING…

Put your views as comments, let the discussion grow –


Its absolutely my thoughts, not intending to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Not pointing out any political party or person.

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