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Archive for June, 2010

Test drove few cars

Posted by karthikjcecs on June 5, 2010

I had a plan for some 5lk range car, after checking felt it is good to increase the budget. In the palace cross road ( off Bellary road ) you get 3 show room at one roof, Ford, Volkswagen and Mahindra, near to that you can also find Maruthi, Hyundai and skoda in bellary road. My driving experience and few facts follows. I am going to tell only the experience without quoting any technical details, technical details are anyway available on the respective websites but hard to obtain the actual driving experience, so it may help

1. Ford Figo 1.2 pertrol titanium

Pick up and power  is not that grea, even the AC is not that great. It does not give a cool driving experience, it seems like crying to pull.  Music system which is in built is of very good also includes bluetooth and USB. It has electronic mirror control also. control and handling seems to be okay. Rear seat leg room is good. Does not having rear power window seems to be a drawback and also not possible to install it as per the sales executive.

2. Ford Figo 1.4 pertrol titanium

This has addressed power issue. Perfectly pulls. Good driving experience.


First 3 services completely free not even oil charges ect., ( As per sales exec, do not hit me if they charge at the time  of service. ) 3 services will be covered in one year, after that every 10000 km or one year service charge will be Rs. 2000.

3. Logan 1.5  DLX ( diesel  )

I was looking for petrol one but they did not have one for test drive and simply gave the diesel model. But yes, it helped me in a way to get a feel of diesel cars. After driving this, I went back to figo diesel, otherwise I would not have driven.

The driving experience is good in terms of power, pickup and control but the steering touches the leg while driving which is great uncomfortable for me. Seat height adjustment is there. Comes with audio systems without USB and bluetooth. Music system is not that great. Rear seat leg room is good. All four power window is available but the bad thing is the control for rear windows is not at the door but in middle ( beside driver seat), so that single control can be used by rear passengers and the driver.  The interiors seems to be cheap except seats.


15000km once service which would come nearly 7000

4. Volkswagen polo highline petrol

Good power, pickup, control. Rear seat is so conjugated, no proper legroom, no driver seat height adjustment. Audio system with USB but no bluetooth. The reverse gear is at the opposite side that we normally have.

5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( petrol )

This is the perfect thing. Very comfortable driving seat, with good steering adjustment, electronic mirror control, mirror closing, 6 level seat height adjustment, audio controls at steering, leather steering cover, all power windows with single control, keyless entry, alloy wheels, airbags, abs with EBD, acceleration through wire, rear seat leg room, climate controlled A/C. The driving is perfect. Very good power, pickup and control, suspension could have been bit better. Gives a fantastic feel. Music system with USB and AUX but no bluetooth, they say because of safety they have not included, if needed can be included by paying 10k extra.

The sales representative was the best among all others, he was knowing complete technical details and was very enthusiastic to explain each and every aspect.
5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( diesel )

All the above + Still more more power, fantastic it is. You can feel that it is diesel ( Obviously ) at initial torque,  cannot make it run in 2nd gear, which I normally do in petrol engines.

6. Skoda fabia ( petrol )

It lost for i20. Power wise okay, but interiors and feature wise seems to lower compared to i20. Music system not great, no USB even. No climate control, steering adjustment available, seat height available.


Every 10000km per year Rs. 7000 service charge.

One free service after one year which would cost you 4k for oil change.

Had went to check Maruthi Ritz but they did not have a test  vehicle and told that they will send one, I have to see. Also need to check Chevrolet models  – Aveo U-VA.

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