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Smater than Smart guys proving smartness

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 18, 2010

This is all about Samsung again –

One of the recent complaint email I wrote to Samsung. As usual they sent some automated email kind of thing  which has got all sorry for inconvenience blah blah… This time I just went through full email, there it was a link saying, “ * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please   click here “. I just thought let me try this also. If I click the link it opened up a form where I wrote whole my complaint that no one is responding that this and all.. If I try to send it, it is not going, it asked me to fill in all mandatory fields, damn!!! All the mandatory fields are DISABLED FOR EDIT!!!!!! – try out the link – http://erms.samsungelectronics.com/customer/form/formmail/common/common_usa.jsp?SITE_ID=50&PROD_ID=1886&AGE_ID=400&QST_ID=16508169

I tried in all three browsers I have, also check source using firebug , mandatory fields were disabled 🙂 🙂

Bottom line:

I agree that samsung guys are smarter. They are showing smartness not in product building but in escaping from customers. I appreciate their innovations in finding ways to escape and their idea to apply the smartness in right places…


7 Responses to “Smater than Smart guys proving smartness”

  1. Jyothi said

    You can put a case on this! 🙂

  2. Jyothi said

    Where is Pavan??! Eno nim company?

  3. No comments!

  4. tulsidas said


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