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Problem with Samsung PC suite

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 17, 2010

I am using NPC version 1.2.0 IG3. I tried to update ( To version 1.2.1 IH2_6) the application from the application itself using “Update” option. It prompted to close the application in order to update, I clicked okay, application got closed and there was no user notification. In the background its process is running (NPSFull.exe) for hours together eating more than 50% of my processor time. Attaching an image justifying it. Note that, the time in the image is the total process time that it has used, not the duration from which it is running. It is still running, I do not know when will it end? Is it doing some useful thing or a malware.  I wonder if samsung realease softwares without testing or what? What ever I do there is an issue/problem.

( Now the processor time is 3 hrs 45 mins, still running consuming more than 50% )


4 Responses to “Problem with Samsung PC suite”

  1. karthikjcecs said

    Finally Someone from Samsung called me regarding this issue. Just tried once again, it started to download

  2. keith3765 said

    I have this problem too but my NPC simply restarts when I shut down to install the update. How did you fix it?? I am using windows 7 32bit.

    • Karthik said

      Hi Keith,
      (I assume, you got the NPS updated and it is starting automatically on restart. If you have some other issue, please let me know)

      Your NPC got updated? Is your device connected to your computer while restarting? If the device is connected, NPC automatically starts. If you do not want it to happen then right click on the NPC icon on system tray ( right bottom corner ) and uncheck “Open New PC Studio automatically when device is connected”. Hope this helps.

  3. Antonio said

    You need to launch it as an administrator. Right click and select run as administrator.

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