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Archive for January, 2010

Smater than Smart guys proving smartness

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 18, 2010

This is all about Samsung again –

One of the recent complaint email I wrote to Samsung. As usual they sent some automated email kind of thing  which has got all sorry for inconvenience blah blah… This time I just went through full email, there it was a link saying, “ * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please   click here “. I just thought let me try this also. If I click the link it opened up a form where I wrote whole my complaint that no one is responding that this and all.. If I try to send it, it is not going, it asked me to fill in all mandatory fields, damn!!! All the mandatory fields are DISABLED FOR EDIT!!!!!! – try out the link – http://erms.samsungelectronics.com/customer/form/formmail/common/common_usa.jsp?SITE_ID=50&PROD_ID=1886&AGE_ID=400&QST_ID=16508169

I tried in all three browsers I have, also check source using firebug , mandatory fields were disabled 🙂 🙂

Bottom line:

I agree that samsung guys are smarter. They are showing smartness not in product building but in escaping from customers. I appreciate their innovations in finding ways to escape and their idea to apply the smartness in right places…


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Problem with Samsung PC suite

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 17, 2010

I am using NPC version 1.2.0 IG3. I tried to update ( To version 1.2.1 IH2_6) the application from the application itself using “Update” option. It prompted to close the application in order to update, I clicked okay, application got closed and there was no user notification. In the background its process is running (NPSFull.exe) for hours together eating more than 50% of my processor time. Attaching an image justifying it. Note that, the time in the image is the total process time that it has used, not the duration from which it is running. It is still running, I do not know when will it end? Is it doing some useful thing or a malware.  I wonder if samsung realease softwares without testing or what? What ever I do there is an issue/problem.

( Now the processor time is 3 hrs 45 mins, still running consuming more than 50% )

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Brilliant video by mugulnage team

Posted by karthikjcecs on January 8, 2010

Here comes the more professionally taken, brilliantly directed and recorded video by mugulnage team. This video is the best work as far now from the team. Do not miss it, here you go —

Hey Hey hold on, you must watch Part 1, if you have not already watched –

Part 1:

Now you go for the real good one,

Part 2: Babruvahana Returns:

About the team mugulnage:

Team members – Gautham, Pavan, Sridhar and Nikhil. All are my friends from college in mysore. Gautham is very much interested in Acting and direction and is a very passionate towards it. Pavan and Sridhar also like acting and direction, turning their passion towards acting in these days. Nikhil is the new camera man for the team. Doing great in his early recordings.  Professional all are software engineers working in different organizatons but have not gave up their passion. They do small short videos and release that in youtube.

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