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Samsung jet “Copy Paste” feature

Posted by karthikjcecs on December 31, 2009

In my previous entry I had mentioned few disadvantages of Samsung jet and one was related to “Copy Paste” feature. Few of my friends asked me “why the hell you need that feature, even though we have, never used!!!”. They might not used it because they would have used it as just a phone, but when we try doing other stuffs than just calling and sms, the importance of the feature will be seen. I would like to share couple of experience that happened me.

Scenario 1: Send a mail using inbuilt email Client, the content of the email is there in sent items of gmail.

Soln: If the feature would have been there I could have directly copied content from Gmail app to the editor and sent.
But that is not the case, so I had to follow these steps –
1. Forwarded from Gmail to email account that is configured in phones email client.
2. Again I forwarded from configured email client to the required person. Very bad thing while sending is I had to remove the “Forward headers” character by character ( one hit to delete each char) as we cannot even select some text and say remove ( Also cannot even press and hold backspace, doing so clears whole of your content).
Scenario 2: Deleting a block of text

There is no select block of text and delete. – Can you tell me what is the procedure to delete a block of text?? How can you ask your users to hit backspace 100-1000 times to delete a block of text? Do not you think it is ridiculous to keep pressing backspace 100 to 1000 times which takes few seconds to just delete a block of text. The same thing can be done in few milliseconds it you had a “Select and Delete” option.

I have seen this feature in a very basic handset of Nokia and sony that costs 1/4th the money I have spent for the Samsung Jet.

When it is advertised as “Smarter than Smartphone” we expect that it server at least  70-80 percent of the work that can be done on some other real smart phones. But lacking this feature is a blocker. I cannot even share across applications.

I am fighting with samsung support team to bring into the notice and somehow get this feature in next firmware upgrades, so far I have seen that they are very lazy and almost never replies to emails. Live chat guys are very smart, they just tell you “email your concern to our support team sir. email id is india.support@samsung.com ( internal to them, THEY NEVER TURN UP, just write mail and keep waiting !!!! )”

Any comments, suggestions are welcome


7 Responses to “Samsung jet “Copy Paste” feature”

  1. Evolux said

    I also need for copy and paste, if Samsung does not insert this function in the next firmware for the Jet S8000 I’m not buying more Samsung.

    • karthik said

      samsung is deaf, you have to shout in public forums. let us join and do something, they have to give us missing features or give back our money.. they are fooling us by false advertisements.. “smarter than smartphone”? huh should be renamed to “bit smarter than basic phone”. day by day we are getting to know how dumb it is.

  2. Mark said

    yes to my GREAT HORROR a basic feature found universally across ALL nokia phones, like COPY AND PASTE is not found on Samsung Jet.

    What can i do to make this flaw known to Samsung???

    These stupid ignorant people who doesn’t know the value of simple copy and paste!

    Another rather idiotic problem of Samsung Jet: If u want to send a sms to multiple recipients(not in the phonebook), you can’t type like “91234567 COMMA/SEMI-COLEN/SLASH etc 93336666”. you have to enter into another box(extra clicks).

    I mean, COME ON! WHAT KIND OF STUPID A.HOLE designed the user-interface?????????????????

    The “help” file built in is completely useless and token.

    I should’ve known the phone’ll turned out like this after my experience with Z540!

    Eventhou I onli paid USD$120 for it, I feel like I’ve bot onli a basic phone. It’s super UNCUSTOMISABLE. Even the menu icons can’t be rearrange. Really, what kind of an idiot design it?

    In the music menu, u can’t rename the ID3tag at all! The song name, yes, the singer etc, NO! What the??!

    Files(inside memory card) deletion takes FOREVER if u delete a bunch of tiny files. What the hell? Did they decide to write and re-write the deleted files 1000 times for security reasons?

    The impressive screen, the divx capability, the crisp sound, the NOT-THAT responsive touchscreen etc means nothing when u discover all the flaws that is so typically Samsung.

    Someone out to be shot.

  3. karthik said

    I agree with you, there are no customizations at all, we cannot have timed profiles, cannot edit the a
    name of the profiles. while you listening to music if you do an outgoing call, music does not start when it call ends. Call does not end by itself if you call a landline and call is disconnected other side, you have to disconnect from your phone.

    All the widgets are browser links. i do not know what samsung guys are thinking about us.

    i spoke to customer care executive through live chat qouting these things and he gave me one support email id. i mailed them, till now no response expect for the autogenerated one. i wonder if someone checks those emails are not. Fed up with the attitude of samsung, they just want to sell, they does not want to make customers happy. this is the first time i changed to a different brand and decided not do this again

    i am feeling like going to court againt these guys. i have few solid clauses, i have to work out on those

  4. Naveed said

    test test test nice facebook great test test

  5. Rebecca Dunne said

    has any one got any thing good to say about samsung jet ? having a simple copy and paste makes a huge difference i can’t believe they don’t have 1 !! x

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