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Archive for July, 2009

All about controlling diabetes

Posted by karthikjcecs on July 12, 2009

We had been to Diacon which is one of the popular Diabetic specialty hospital in bangalore, which has its name since 20 years. The reason for the visit is for the routine check up for my mother who is a Diabetic. There was a class of about 2 hours for all the first time visit patients and their attendants, we marched in and learnt lot of things about Diabetes and controlling measures. I am just capturing all those stuffs along with knowledge gained by speaking to doctors there.

What is diabetes?
Increase in sugar level in blood is diabetes. This happens because of decreased Insulin in blood. Insulin is responsible for shipping sugar from blood into cells. If the Insulin level gets decreased shipping of sugar from blood to cells also decreases resulting in increased sugar level in blood. There are two kinds of Diabetes based on the reason for lowered level of Insulin viz Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, There will be no Insulin generated at all in the body. In Type 2, insulin will be generated in lesser quantity and/or generated Insulin in not so active. Type 1 will usually seen in children whereas Type 2 is most commonly seen in elders.

How to control?
Note: Whatever the food you takes get converted into sugar
If you want me to tell in one sentence, “Control the food intake such that, Insulin content of your body should be capable of shipping all the converted sugar to cells”. Pretty simple huh? But the complicated part is how do you get to know how much food to take? how much insulin you have? This highly depends upon the individual, these has to be understood by closely monitoring of sugar level for a sufficient time duration. To help to monitor there are few guidelines to follow, here are those

    Food habbits
    Limit your food. You can eat anything except few.

      Vegetables to be avoided:
      1. Potato
      2. Beetroot
      3. Pumpkin
      4. Sweet potato
      5. Suvarna Gedde (Kannada word, I do not know what in english)

      Dangerous fruits, should not touch at all:
      1. Banana (Any kind)
      2. Jack fruit
      3. Mango (Stay away, very dangerous)
      4. Custard Apple
      5. Green Grapes

      Fruits can be taken (Only if sugar level is normal)
      1. Orange
      2. Papaya
      3. Back grapes
      4. Musambi
      5. Pomegranate

    Strict timing and quantity of food habbits
    Ideal suggestion for taking food:
    Coffee : 7:30 (No sugar)
    Breakfast : 9:00 am
    Fillers (120ml Coffee or Buttermilk ) : 11:30 am
    Lunch : 1:00 pm
    Snack : 4:30 pm
    Dinner : 9:00pm
    Milk (120ml) : 10:30pm

    Walking and excise
    This is a must. At least 45 minutes walk per day. Walking helps to activate the insulin to work properly and also helps in burning calories. Walking should be brisk, uniform and continuous. If walking cannot be done continuously because of knee pain or any other reason should try to walk inside home itself giving frequent breaks.

Maintaining sugar level
The sugar level should be less than 120 at fasting and below 180 after exactly one and half hours taking food.

Many believe that taking Insulin has lot of side effects and its not good. But the truth is, it is the best solution because Insulin is not a medicine. It is just a protein. Taking Insulin directly will have a supportive action. It is simple to take now, the technology offers painless, hassle less injections which can be taken by the patient and does not take more than 30 sec. Only drawback is once started then should be taken regularly and should maintain strict timing of injection

Synthesis of Insulin
Even though its very complicated process, I will just brief here. Its by fermentation of human Insulin using yeast and separation of yeast from Insulin. There are misconception that Insulin is extracted from animals. Animal Insulin cannot be given to humans at all.

History of Insulin
The first successful experiment was extraction of insulin from dog pancreas(Organ which generates Insulin) and injected to a diabetic dog. The dog survived and the Insulin was born. Inventors involved in the research were Dr. Fredrick Banting, Charles Best (a medical student at the time of the discovery), Professor J. J. R. Macleod and Dr. James Collip. They got noble award in the year 1923. In January, 1922, a diabetic teenager in a Toronto hospital named Leonard Thompson became the first person to receive an injection of insulin.

DISCLAIMER: All the information above are subject to understanding of the author and general information. Author is not medical consultant. Please consult your doctor before taking any action.

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