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New Cat eye strada

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 9, 2009

Finally got my cyclo computer by travelling  all the way from Amazon.com to Davenport to Pune to Bangalore. There was not hassle for installation. It is working fine till now, readings are quite accurate and consistent, water resistant, easy to change mode while riding as it has only one button to change mode. Speedometer is displayed in large font and easy to read. It gives total pedling time, using it you can find out the total idle time in your trip. I wanted this feature to know total time I spend in signlas, believe it or not it will be less than 5 min (in my 15 ride) and the best case was 1min. Such a small idle time can never happen in motor bike/car. This is the major time saving as I feel. My friends wonder about how I can cover 15km in 55mins, I simply give this reading 🙂

Cateye mounted on stem

Cateye mounted on stem

Current reading
Total distance: 183 Km
Avg speed: 15.8 (had even crossed 16.2)
Max speed: 44.6 (Do not get shocked, its in a downhill, not my effort)

Few drawbacks

  1. Display cannot not be easily dismantled
  2. No light so it requires street light help to know the readings at night

3 Responses to “New Cat eye strada”

  1. Jyothi said

    That is so cool!

  2. Anand said

    I am planning to buy a bicycle. I want to use it during my daily commute to friends place(which is about 5kms from my house). Do you have any suggestions? My budget is 15K.


  3. Kari said

    Hey Anand,
    If your budget is 15 then I would suggest you to increase it a bit and go for Trek 3700 (17k) Or Connadale starting range is 18k which seems to be good. Within 15k you can get some Firefox bikes but its really worth investing some 2/3k more and go for a really good bike. For trek you can visit http://www.bumsonthesaddle.com, for connadale you can visit Track and trail opp to National Games village, koramangala

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