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Archive for May, 2009

Trip to hebbe falls

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 24, 2009

I had been to lingadahalli(My native) last weekend (17/05/09) for an annual function called Ramotsava. This happens every year and I do not miss this at any cost. Almost all related to village comes and attends this function. It runs for 9/10 days and the last 2 days is of so prominent and there will be seeta kalyana, Rama Pattabhisheka also Utasava (we carry god idol and roam all over the village with lot of bhajans) in the evening.

We go on a one day trip to near by place after Ramotsava finishes. Going trip has become almost like a culture. The trip is very different and interesting. Around 100+ people go on Tractors. This time we have many people so that we had 3 Tractors. A very different experience traveling on a vehicle without Shocks and on a mountain trail. We planned to hebbe falls this time. Hebbe is situated near kemmangundi range. Its about 20 km from Kemmangundi. Roads are horrible over there, full of stones (iron ore) on the roads. There is Govt jeep service to Hebbe falls from kemmandundi and they charge around Rs 600 per trip. But we had a even better vehicle :). We crosses kemmangundi playing antyakshari inside Tractor, lot of jokes and joy. After around 5 km form Kemmangundi Tractor stopped and told that it cannot take all the load as roads are very narrow and downhill. So only age old people and children got the chance to sit inside Tractor and we (the young warm blooded strong guys) are forced to trek till the falls. I started to search my slipper inside tractor(where I had kept while entering), unfortunately found only one :(, other was missed somewhere. I just wore one and telling myself that I am very strong, I can do it without slippers. We took a short cut trek even though there was clear road. After a while I started feeling the pain, the path was full of stones, but there was no other go, I made it. It was a nice 10km Trek. Finally saw the water falls (Wow!! I am big fan of falls, water, swimming). I Dived without thinking anything. I did not come out of water for 2 and half hours. We sat against the falls and its like free body massage. Also taught swimming to new buddies over there. Finally without willingly came out of water on instruction of our co coordinators. I was the last guy to come out. There was food being cooked for us (Yammiee), eat like anything, also had black coffee as there was no milk left out to prepare coffee. Started our return journey at around 6:30pm and this is really late to walk in such place. It is inside the coffee estate, it became complete dark at around 7pm. Still we have to cover around 8km and I am on bare foot, roads not visible, my god it was horrible. Finally managed to reach the top at 9:20pm. Tractor was waiting for us, occupied our seats and reached our village at 10:30. I was like sleeping whole day but an auto was booked at 12:30 for us to come to Birur where we get bus to Bangalore. In a dilemma I decided to go come back to bang. Reached bang at 6am with complete body pain 🙂

PS: There are two hebbe falls, one main falls for which trek is a must to read. Another is lower falls (Which we had visited) which you can reach very close to falls in Jeeps(only Jeeps).

These tourist spots are Karnantaka govt recognized places and its painful to see the connectivity to this. It can be improved and collect toll charges, it can attract lakhs of tourists.

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New Cat eye strada

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 9, 2009

Finally got my cyclo computer by travelling  all the way from Amazon.com to Davenport to Pune to Bangalore. There was not hassle for installation. It is working fine till now, readings are quite accurate and consistent, water resistant, easy to change mode while riding as it has only one button to change mode. Speedometer is displayed in large font and easy to read. It gives total pedling time, using it you can find out the total idle time in your trip. I wanted this feature to know total time I spend in signlas, believe it or not it will be less than 5 min (in my 15 ride) and the best case was 1min. Such a small idle time can never happen in motor bike/car. This is the major time saving as I feel. My friends wonder about how I can cover 15km in 55mins, I simply give this reading 🙂

Cateye mounted on stem

Cateye mounted on stem

Current reading
Total distance: 183 Km
Avg speed: 15.8 (had even crossed 16.2)
Max speed: 44.6 (Do not get shocked, its in a downhill, not my effort)

Few drawbacks

  1. Display cannot not be easily dismantled
  2. No light so it requires street light help to know the readings at night

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