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Archive for July, 2008

Germany Trip

Posted by karthikjcecs on July 11, 2008


Yo, flight at 2:05 hour Bangalore-Frankfurt. After a long wait at the airport form 10pm to 2:05, got into Luftansa boeing 747, a big 2 floor flight capacity of around 450 I guess. 2:30 take of started. My first international take off. I was not at all excited, may be because of long wait. Flight reached an altitude of good 25km, take off completed, nice air hostess stated serving dinner, I got only after 45 min.


Reached on time at 8:05, there was a bus waiting for us. Got into it which led us to the terminal. The Airport is really big one. I was not sure about which side is the exit, asked someone there. He managed to guide me in German. The sign language really helped. Next, where do I collect my baggage, followed directions telling baggage, went inside to the baggage collection hall. Collected and came back to the door where I entered, Oh good, no exit. Searched for exit symbol got at the other end, walked out. Now, I have to catch a fast train(Bahn, thats what they call in German) to Nuremberg. There train station right attached to Airport, no hassles at all. Got my ticket to lady at the counter, Ticket was full of German, she rounded off the platform number and time. It was at 9:37. Walked through the directions to platform number 5. Train came exactly on time. Got into it. Some of them were sitting near the door, whats this Is the train full??? Ok let me check, went inside a compartment which was No smoking area, then I realised why people were sitting near the door. At each seat you would find a display which tells regarding the reservation of that seat. If the seat is reserved from Franfurt to Nuremberg, it would display the same. I searched for any unreserved seat, found one its reserved from Nuremberg to Muniche(spelling may be wrong, thats how they pronounce), so safe, I am travelling till Nuremberg. Its really fast train, I guess it goes more than 200km/hr. At each stop an announcement about the present stop and the next stop. Nice lady came to asking something politely in German, every one was showing some sheet of paper to her. Then I realised she is collecting tickets. My turn came, took out my ticket and gave it back telling “Dankashue”. I learnt a German equalent to “Thank you”.  After crossing one stop the announcemant told, next stop is Nuremberg. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes the train was in a station, Oh my god this the place where I have to get down, in hurry I grabbed my bag, luckily I asked someone “Is it Nuremberg?” He told “No its Wuremberg.”  Ok thought in mind “should be careful about pronoucation.” The guy announced as Wuremberg which heard as Nuremberg. Sat down, next stop was Nuremberg. The scheduled time of arrival was 11:59. I went to the door at 11:50 itself. At 11: 56 the train entered Nuremberg and stopped but did not open the doors. I do not if this is done to keep up time or there was not place to enter the Train station. At 12:00pm doors opened, I landed on Nuremberg.


I wanted to take a taxi to my hotel. went out, there was written Taxi on a board outside. Lot of taxis were coming in a queue. I stood there, guy form the taxi came out and took my laguage with smile and went towards back door. I interrupted him asking whether he accepts Credit card. He told no, and asked me to go back and check. I went back, he also followed me, he asked few drivers in German about the Credit card, one guy told, “I I have, come come.”  Sat inside the nice Benz taxi. He dropped to my hotel, Hotel Klughardt. It was around 8 Eros.  Got fresh and went to office.

Yet to tell, expect in next blog.

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