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Back to cycling

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 30, 2008

Yestarday I purchased a new BSA Mach racer in dispencery road show room at 3300(Incl of registration and road tax 🙂 ).

First day ride:

Guy delivered at 6pm. I took it and rode to my friend’s place at Koramangala. Its around 4km. Between the ride faced problem in the signal, I wanted to go straight but I was standing at left. All motor racers were so fast , could not cross till green appeared next time. Spent time till 9:25 there and started to my friend’s house in bannerghatta road (7 km). It was great expirience. It started raining heavily, I did not back off. In bannerghatta road, it was a complete traffic jam. I use to get my cycle on to the footpath and back to road frequently. I was always thinking sitting on motor bike in such traffic jams “If I were on a cycle I could have easily went through footpath”. This came true after spending almost a year of miserable bike ride on bangalore roads. Reached friends place safely at 10:25. With every good excersise and was feeling fresh.

First day ride expierience:

Riding was not too hard even after started to cycle after 5 years. Found it bit difficult to adjust with motor bikers and autos. Few slight misses of hitting me, thats ok still I have to learn some stuffs to safely ride. Rain was irritating a bit. I wear specs too, so had to vipe it occassionally to have clear vision.

Second day ride to office:

It took me 45 mins to cover 11km to office. I even climbed one flyover. Came accross the busy area like silk board, sony signal. Traffic did not disturb me much. I started to work with a fresh mind. Frankly, finished writing this blog before starting to work.

About the bicycle

Its great as of now. This is not the right time to write a review on it. Just tell my first instincts. Its the bent handle, one has to look for the fit before purchase. If its not of proper fit then you may feel so uncomfortable and may get back pain also. Need to change posture frequently as break is in the bent handle. If you have to apply break you have to bend. Another set of brake lever is there which you can apply without bending but it wont stop the bike. For slight braking you can use it. Its without gears. I did not found much difference. I climbed even fly overs with not much difficulty( I accept its harder than with gears). saddle moves horizontally for just about 1 in. I wanted it to move a bit more. Not that comfortable also. I am thinking of the change it. If felt efficiency is good. It keeps ooon moving for few pedals. Another thing is feeling lot of pressure on my hands, I think I need to take handle bars bit up and saddle bit backwards.

The speedometer:

I purchased one wireless digital speedometer at 550 in RR cycle mart. Its chaina made, some KCA 937 is written on it. It supposed to show Max speed, avg speed, trip distance, total distance, time and all. Ok, I fixed it as per the manuall and rotated the wheel, Shit!! km/hr display was sleeping at 00.0 km/hr. The components with it are a small magnet that has to be fixed on the front wheel spokes and a senser on the front fork. The senser transmits data to a digital display fixed on handle bars. What I though was sensor sensed magnet even if that magnet comes close. I removed senser and magnet and tried doing by hand itself, my friend grabbed from my hand and contacted those few times, Bang!! display started showing some reading. I became happy for not loosing money for a crappy thing. I went home fixed again and rotated wheel, shit!! again its not working. This was because of range problem. The digital should be with in 30 cm. The crapy manual had mentioned its 60cm range. Fixed those components closer, its working. But sometimes stats showing 0 as the reading even when moving and againg starts showing reading. The reading are not accurate. I am having a feeling that analog meters are pretty good than these type of wireless gadgets OR I haven got a good one. One thing is make sure it works properly before purchasing these kind and its better to ask that guy to fit and give.


Why Mach:

I was interested in buying trek 3700. I had also test rode trek 3700 in http://www.bumsonthesaddle.com. I fear of discontinue forced me not invest more. I know trek is cool enough to keep you interested in biking but also could not take risk. My plan is to use it for 4-5 months and purchase a trek after. I had a top gear in my high school. I wanted to try racers. MTBs usually have durability compared to racers. Anyhow this is used only for short term, so thought of tring it. Mach fits me well compared to hero hawk. And thunder is costly for 5 months’ use.


14 Responses to “Back to cycling”

  1. Jyothi said


    • kannan vb said

      wud help me..
      i need to fit a gear system on my BSA mach…
      will it fits ?
      and also work well?

      • karthikjcecs said

        Hey kannan,
        You can definately fit a gear for BSA mach. If you are fitting it please make sure you get a very good gears and shifters, some cheap gears (300- 500 rs) is available but that would not be good and so frustrating. If we are investing on something it should serve its purpose so that I preffer good ones. Look for Shimano models available out here, those are the best as of I see. Contact BOTS they might have some suggestions for you

  2. Deepak said

    Great Kari. Don worry you may not be alone I may join your cycling club. 🙂

  3. karthik said

    Good deepak. common you can start hyderbad-bikers group. See http://blog.bumsonthesaddle.com/2008/5/23/mumbai-bikers-on-a-roll . Also see this

  4. Vivek said

    Truly motivating post Kaari. I am really considering switching back to cycling again especially now that fuel prices have hiked.

  5. Jyothi said

    Teach me how to ride cycle!!

  6. Venkat said

    Hey Kari…that cycle computer is sure interesting and I guess makes cycling more intersting and fun with all those statistics!!…well where is this RR shop in bangalore and are you sure its just 550 rs for a wireless?.

  7. Gautam said

    I am too thinking of buying a BSA Mach1 or hero hawk. I am not able to decide between the two. Friends told me hero hawk is heavier than BSA Mach1. As my office is 8km from my room in koramangala, i want to prefer the lighter one. What do you people say.

    • kannan vb said

      i am using Bsa Mach for about 2 months…
      its lighter than Hawk and it can have higher speed and and its very very comfortable on smooth roads…
      you should buy it,if u have to cover such 8 km distance..
      many employees i know here r using this ..
      its really lightest of all bsa models..mayb than SLR…
      contact if any doubts..

  8. karthikjcecs said

    RR cycle shop is having some 4 or 5 shops in bangalore. The one I took is from Old madras road branch, near Ulsoor junction. For 550 I got a wireless, but its a crap thing. whole 550 is of waste. No range only. I cannot even place my receiver on the handle bars. So, I somehow fixed the display on main bars (To reduce distance from wheel). Another problem was there, the magnet fixed to wheel was changing its alignment when I it hits the sensor, so I fixed by a wire so that it does not move, unfortunately the magnet itself fall of in very few days. Now I am having just the sensor and the display. I stopped experimenting on it. I have to buy a new one soon.

  9. karthikjcecs said

    Hey Gautham,
    I find it easy with BSA Mach1 to travel 14km a day. I do not know about the hawk. Only problem I am facing is back pains as the handle bar is bent. I would suggest you to change the handle to a straight at the time of purchase IF you do not have experience riding bent handles.

  10. kannan vb said

    good wishes

  11. JasonABK said


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