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Archive for April, 2008

Savi Savi Nenapu

Posted by karthikjcecs on April 21, 2008

Ya, this is all about my sweet memories,

why am I writing this all of a sudden?

I had been to mysore this weekend(18,19/04/08). From quite few days I was missing my college/hostel life very much. I had promised my hostel juniors that I will come to mys on 18, 19th at any cost. As I told I kept my words even it made me to travel alone. I felt its worth traveling 6hrs alone to spend some time in mys.

About the trip:

At 6 pm I reached mys. Went straight to hostel. It was of surprise to most to my hostel friends. Though I had promised to one or two, they had not told others guys thinking that I won go as usual ( more than 10 times I have cheated them ending up not going ). All were just finished their afternoon sleep. All gathered once I entered telling “Hey Kari kari” . It was very nice to see all those happy faces. Spoke for some time and I went out for dinner, came and slept. I was in a mood to play Age of empires(My all time favorite network game), after sitting infront of comp I realized, i am so tired to play, so slept of. Next morning, we started playing it even before having break fast. Guys had become experts in that. New statergies, their speed was unbelievable. I was struggling to move mouse (loong gap) they started telling “kari you play very slowly, you cannot survive if you play like this”. As expected I lost the first one-on-one game on puli. Then started on 4 player game. For my satisfaction they had given me strong player as my partner, so we won (only because of his play), I became happy.  These games made me to recalled our night outs to play. Mid night visits to bus stand to have tea and refueled to play some more games till morning. Strategies we were trying to beat opponent, discussions, trails and so on. Recalled the days where Army was coming in our dreams. We use to take that as so serious than our term exams. The game gives you a virtue that you are in a real battle and you are the king controlling 150 members of your army.

After noon started to my cousin’s house with Nanju(my another cousin) . Went near my college,  my vehicle automatically turned inside college gate even I had no work there. Sweeeeeet memories of we guys hanging around flashed in my mind. That pot circle, Parking lot, classrooms(occasional visiting place).  Went through road connecting Ladies hostel to college, remembered the days where I use to speed up my  bike so as to drop my friend before gate closes.  Went to my cousins house, met sridhar near his house, spoke for 25 mins, these minutes was awesome. I felt that I got something that I had already forgotten. I craked some pjs and even suggested me to come to mys every week end. Most of the time and even now I feel like settling in mysore. I can settle down there some how but the lost student life never comes back. Had lunch in my cousins house and came back to hostel and left to bang. In the journey i started becoming emotional(because of this only I am writing this blog) recalling all those days, called many of my friends to share this.  I started remembering the first day when my mom came with me to admit me to college till the day I left mys. I had actually forgotten the day I left. I felt like I should have written a diary.


No one can be a student for whole of the life. All those who accepts his/professional life can start enjoying profession life sooon. Between hectic work and loads of responsibility there will be some beautiful days like this which gives more happiness than student days. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. Not only you can be happy being in happy moments but you can feel happiness just by remembering those moments.

Back again to work on monday, of course enjoying it tooo….

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