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AllGo in FTF India 2007

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 22, 2007

AllGo sponsored for Freescale Technology forum India 2007, held in Bangalore on 19 and 20 nov 2007. We decided to give demos of plays from device support of TRIO and zigbee. I am working on TRIO. Zigbee is latest technology and we are proud to be one of early implementors.

About the Projects:

1. plays from device support of TRIO: Trio is the software solution for audio/video playback system. The system supports playback from HDD, SD card, usb thumb drive. The new addition is support of Microsoft’s plays from device(pfd) concept. System can play DRM protected files contained in MTP devices.

2. Zigbee: The Yconnect range of short range wireless solutions from AllGo address the manufacturers of electrical devices for industrial and home environments. Based on the 802.15.4 wirelesss standard, Yconnect offers an end-to-end solution for device makers who are looking to add wireless to make their devices smarter. Automatic Electrical Meter Reading and Fire Alarm management are some of the possible applications with this technology.

How it went?

First day I went for the afternoon session. Me and my senior were supposed to give demo. Most of the visitors are form leading companies, some unexpected questions started arose, we managed to answer all. Majority of visitors were interested in Zigbee because its latest technology and every one were eager to know more about it and find weather it can be the solution for their problem. Its worth quoting about one guy. He was form _____ company. He visited 4 times our stall and it was busy. He wanted to know about the cost effectiveness on extending the range of our wireless network(zigbee). At 6pm music concert started, it was mixture of classical and western. It was very good.

Second day I went to the morning session. Majority of the visitors were other sponsors and Educators. Educators included students from IISC and lecturers from various engineering colleges . We( Me and Prasanna) closed at 3pm and attend the tecnical session given by our company employees.



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