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Archive for October 17th, 2007

EcliFox on IBM alpha works

Posted by karthikjcecs on October 17, 2007

EcliFox is basically web enabling the eclipse development platform. This is our internship project at IBM, India software Labs, Bangalore. Its really exciting, if you dont see you really miss a lot, here it is ECLIFOX.

Here is the story behind it:

It was early 6th sem, companies were not started to visit colleges for campus recruitment. Our placement cell announced IBM will visit for Internship selection just 2 days later. Excitement arose in all of 6th sem students. Finally 6 ppl got the great chance to work for 6 months(on site)  at IBM, Bangalore. we were asked to come and join after the 6th sem exam itself (First tenure, 1.5 months)

In First tenure:

We were told to bring eclipse on the browser. Frankly speaking thats the first time we saw eclipse and came to know such a thing is there.  First week we started studying architecture of eclipse and thought about all the ideas that we can go about. After some more days thoughts  like “Is Eclipse allows to such a thing?”,  “No, Eclipse is not meant to web enable, its just fine with desktop”, “Is it really worth doing” and so many.

Second tenure:

This is where we got answers to questions mentioned above. We enjoyed each and every minute. At each and every small success we kept on building our hopes. When we got eclipse layout on the browser, we were on the heavens (As this formed the proof of concept). Slowly we made it look better on the browser with all images. Added functionality.  Today I am really happy as this is reachable to whole world. It has been hosted on IBM alpha works.


Hats off to our Mentor at IBM who believed in “what a life without an impossible goal” and he proved it. Thanks to other two interns who joined IBM and worked really very hard to bring Eclifox to this stage.

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