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Me on a bike without clutch in the middle of the road

Posted by karthikjcecs on August 24, 2007

Title seems sceptical. The story is about how I managed when clutch wire of my bike got cut in the middle of a road in bang.

In Detail :

Day before yesterday (22nd aug 07) I left office at 6:30 and went to meet my friend in kormangala. I spent time with her till 8:30 and planned to leave I was supposed to reach home as early as possible. The bad thing was that I was not knowing the way to my home from there. I just asked someone the route to MG road (From there I was knowing) he showed the direction, I started in that way. With some confusion I finally reached MG road. I felt ………aahha….. and thought “On one can stop me going home 🙂 ” I rode just about 4 km from MG road and stopped in a signal. The clutch of my bike was not comfortable, I thought “Ok, let me somehow manage till home, tom I have to repair it” Signal turned green, I shifted to first gear, clutch released automatically and bike came to a stop. God only knows how I came on to footpath with my bike (from middle of highly traffic road). I called up my sister to tell this and I would be late, but no response. It was 9:30 already and my home is fine 10 km from there, that too I have to travel in dense traffic area. I started asking people who stops for signal about a service center nearby, but was not fruitful. One guy told there is one, but very far (he was unsure ). I came back at the bike, removed clutch covering and pulled the clutch wire (I was planning to ride by pulling that wire instead of applying lever) but the bad thing is there was no action at all. Then I thought “If I stand here then I have to be here whole night, no one is here to help.” I started pushing my bike. There was slight down, I got a pretty good speed. I decided to try last time to ride without clutch. Started the bike, pushed a bit to get a decent speed, shifted to second gear directly with rise of accelerator. yepppeee, its bike started to move with full speed. I changed gear to 4th without bothering about my bike (Changing gears without clutch is harmful to bike) . Now I was bothered about what would I do in signals? Unfortunately there was a signal ahead. Seeing that signal I dropped gears and brought to neutral. I kind of satisfaction inside me. I had the idea of pushing bike a bit and shifting to second gear when signal turns green. I did as per my idea. went without any trouble till next signal. I asked one of the guy beside about the nearest service center(This I should not have done). He told some way(out of the highway). I took that way and reached by asking people in middle. As you all can guess, it was closed. So I took a way back, rode about 2-3 km, I found out that I have missed my way (remember I am riding without clutch). Asked one auto driver about the route. The auto passenger stated to confuse me telling go that side, this side (I think he is a mentally retarded person), then driver told the proper way. I took that and I almost reached (home was just 3 km). I told to myself “Now I can easily reach home.”Traffic got move slowly, I just look ahead, I saw vehicles packed till half a km from there. Very slow moving traffic was there. Without a clutch no one can ride in such a situation. So I took my bike on the foot path and started pushing. after I pushed half km, traffic cleared, I rode home with my hands full of grease. Had delicious food prepared by my sister and slept 🙂

Never assume things, No one knows what happens in the seconds.


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