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Real estate buying decision

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 20, 2014

Recently I was running around to buy a property in Bengaluru. With lot of options around and price range, it was very difficult to make an informed decision.

These days, nobody will spend on real estate without capital gains in mind. When it comes to capital gains, it is important to make decisions based on the best investment option from a financial perspective. Due to the lack of knowledge on the finance, we tend to just guess or take risk. Majority of the crowd I know ( including me) has no clue on how to compare two or more investment options from perspective of profitability

To fill in this gap, I registered to a course on “Fundamentals of Finance” from Guatam Kaul in coursera, which helped me tremendously to analysis options I have from a financial perspective.

There are number of factors that matters to make a final decision to invest on real estate, Like –

  1. Ready to occupy/under construction
  2. Payment schedule
  3. Possession date
  4. Reputation on builder to stick on to schedule
  5. Interest rate
  6. Rent anticipated ( In case of investment )
  7. Tax saving etc.,


How do we factor in all of these parameters and make an informed decisions among the numerous options around?

Certain decision has to be made before coming to the financial comparison. Like – City, Area to invest, Builder segment, Budget, Size

Once these are done, look for options around and collect the information given above. There is a financial model called NPV ( Net present Value ) using which you can actually find out the financially better option

Here is the excel for the calculation and with few of the options I had considered ( Data in it is an year old )

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4N200WmhdivLWRjWTJvdzJZQnM/edit?usp=sharing ( Download and use, just viewing in the pop up does not clearly shows information )

Feel free to download and use it to your benefit as you wish. If you find out any flaws in the excel, please leave a comment.

About the excel:

It has 5 properties compared with different features –

  • Mantri under costruction pay out pre-emi ( Builder will payout interest part till the completion of the project ) which is accounted in the calculation
  • Mantri ready to occupy  which will start earning rent from day 1
  • Other under construction with varied hand off time

The last column ( NPV ) provides you the information of  “What is the current value of the investment, if the property is sold after n number of years”. For example, if NPV in 5th row is 10 Lakhs – It mean, after 5 years if you sell, you will become as much financially capable if you were have 10 Lakhs today.

In order to achieve the provided NPV, you should sell your property at a price of “Capital Value” + “Capital on Interiors” on that year. That looks like a big number but considering inflation/real estate capital growth, it is quite achievable. This number looks big number, but the current value of the investment is much lesser considering inflation and the interest you have paid.

While making the decision, look for the highest NPV over the horizon of investment with in your budget

Analysing the data:

Surprisingly, some of the properties are not having a positive NPV for years together. These should not be purchased if the purpose is investment. For example, Sobha city is having negative NPV. The payment structure is not considered here, that can mostly be ignored as you would pay 90% pretty quickly.

Some other option has a positive NPV right from the first year.

About my decision:

I decided for Mantri ( 1305 ) based on the positive NPV right from year 1. Other option could have been Mantri (1740) but the capital is high for me to afford. The Pre-emi payout in the whole investment calculation is making a big difference.

Closing note:

Your feedbacks are very much welcome, please leave comments on your thoughts and if you find anything wrong the calculations. If you are in need of any special kind of requirement while comparing the options, please leave a comment, so that I can help you to customise the calculations to meet your requirement.


I am not marketing for any builder here. This is just my personal thinking around real estate investment decision. I also not responsible for any damage caused using the information provided.

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An Year’s update

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 12, 2011

Oh my God, I cannot believe that an year  passed writing a blog!!! Was I am so busy to find time to write few words? Naa, forget it.. Was there no topics and happenings around? Naa, there are so many updates. Then why didn’t I write?? I was suffering from “Larsocomophelia syndrome” – that means too much lazy to do any task.

Quick updates ( Personal )

1. Got engaged Dec 2010, yeah, I agree, this has become old news, but this is years update, so I have to mention, please bear with me for while.. A short 1 min video here

2. Acted in a short movie and it got released on 22 Feb 2011, on my birthday. The movie made by team Mugulnage… Mugulnage is the team of my friends who are all film making enthusiast, do follow their youtube channel. This one is their first experiment on a romantic concept and me and my wife became their perfect cast.  Do watch it here.

3. Married on 24 March 2011, few pics here. Pictures captured very nicely by one of our most valuable friend Gowtham Ghatke

4. Started playing Tennis. There is court close to my house of our coach. Morning one hr of good play giving me  full enthu for rest of the day.


1. Worked on a promotional video of product I was working on. It was a great experience, a time to remember. I wanted to give back something prominent to the team and I was feeling that there is a need to market the tool internally. So, this was a small contribution that I tried out. There was some event planned from the business unit, the idea was to create a video that talks importance of our product to the internal audience. We put together few concepts, with the help of same Mugulnage team we executed recording, editing everything. The team ( yes, the dev team ) co-operated very well staying back at office till 10 in the night for 2 days. And finally the video was out after a long wait, it came out pretty well but not met the expectations. You cannot see it though as it is internal, though you can see few pics here. We presented the video in some other exhibition.

2. Moved to a different team, Email Security Appliance almost a month back.

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Purchase of Blackberry – Syncing contacts from windows phone to blackberry

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 18, 2010

I purchased  Blackberry bold 9000 from Global easy buy option in ebay. It was supposed to be new. Looks like new but have some doubt if it is refurbished. I do not mind as I am okay as long as it works fine. The stuff is really amazing, brilliant smart phone ever. What ever being tried works seemlessly, GPS, internet services, apps everything. GPS locks with in 30 secs. Faced only a small problem while saving syncing contacts from windows phone to this phone. I tried to sync using http://www.mylookout.com, This I was using for backing up. The contact sync faced issue because of the format mismatch. All the contacts used to come but phone number fields were empty. The windows phone has field “Business phone” and “Business phone 2” , the blackberry counter part is “Work phone” and “work phone 2”, so it was not detecting “Business phone”. Unfortunately all numbers were stored in “Business phone” field. Solved this problem in following steps –

  1. Synced all contacts from Windows mobile to outlook
  2. Exported contacts from outlook to csv
  3. Opened csv in notepad++
  4. Changed field name “Business phone” to “Work phone” and “Business Phone 2” to “Work Phone 2”  ( Only in the first row )
  5. Installed Blackberry desktop application
  6. Configured sync setting to read from CSV and pointed to modified CSV file
  7. Synced from Blackberry Desktop application to phone.

Done!! it worked 🙂





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New car purchased

Posted by karthikjcecs on November 4, 2010

Finally the most awaited Swift Dzire reached our home. I have not yet used to drive comfortably in the new diesel car. But it is as smooth as petrol. Here are the images

Now the hunt for the accessories starts. Planning for reverse parking sensor, sunfilm, up module and seat covers and interiors. Will update.

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HTC Touch 2 (T3320) do not have GPS antenna

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 17, 2010

I always wanted to buy a phone that should have all the features around, like 3G, wi-fi, gps, camera, email, office suite everything. So I purchased Samsung jet and most of you know the whole story – here it is. Then I thought of going to a good windows mobile so that any application can be installed. So I decided and purchased HTC Touch 2.  It working fine but whenever I tried to use GPS it used to fail saying “GPS signal is too weak”.  Searched in the web and did whole bunch of tweaks to get the GPS working but failed, failed and failed. Every where there was a mention of “QuickGPS” application, but it was not found on my phone, so I called up the customer care asking help for installing QuickGPS application. Unfortunately they told “There is no GPS antenna in this model !!!!”. The website clearly tells that there is internal gps antenna!! – http://www.htc.com/in/product/touch2/specification.html, this website is specific to India also. Another proof is http://www.htc.com/in/howto.aspx?p_id=301&id=80 ( Again India specific link ).  Let me paste the response from HTC –

Dear karthik,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns. To clarify your issue, you stated that: You are facing issue with the GPS. Regarding this we understand that you are facing issue with the GPS, we would like to intimate you that HTC Touch2 (T3320) does not have inbuilt GPS. If you want to use the GPS, you will have to use an external antenna.You may search for the external antenna in the local market. You can also call our Call Center at: 1800 11 33 77 if you have further questions. Thank you once again for your continued patronage.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10INCW38ENA000468.




Unfortunately they have two versions for the same model, T3333 and T3320. T3320 is the special version and I, the unlucky guy to pick up without even knowing that there are two versions of the same handset.  I asked the croma sales executive 100 times if gps is supported and he always used to say “Yes, Yes, Yes “. But the second link definitely miss leading, one who is reading that will not even know that there are 2 versions of the handset.

Why are big big companies miss leading and the miss leading happens to me always? Should I fight again or what?

Other proud HTC Touch 2, check your model by Start->Settings->System->Device Information->Identy(Tab), if it says T3333 they you are fine, you can use GPS happily, if it says T3320 then join me.

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The end for Samsung frustration

Posted by karthikjcecs on September 4, 2010

I had been talking about my purchase of Samsung jet phone and the problems that I had faced few months back. Finally the END for all the frustration. Know what, Samsung reimbursed the whole bill amount ( INR 19000 )  on 1 Sept 2010.

I directly dealt with Service manager in their head service office at Bangalore.  He had promised me that he will do something but takes some time, ultimately he kept his words and arranged for the full reimbursement. Normally they would try to repair but in my case the hardware was not available it seems. If hardware not available a replacement will be given, but I think they are going to stop the model, so they gave back money.


I had purchased on Samsung Jet phone and sud suddenly it stopped working after 5 months of purchase, the reason was processor burnt internally. Had given the phone to service center 4 months back.

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How can I help to make my country better

Posted by karthikjcecs on August 3, 2010

Hi Readers,

I know you are surprised seeing the title. I also know that you are thinking “What happened to this guy? sud suddenly started to talk about unexpected stuffs, did he convert to be an absolute patriotic guy?? “. Of course, I too love my country as all others do and also want to do something that I can

Now coming to the point – I saw a live show in TV9 with some ruling party member and an apposition party member on the same stage and program hosts screwing them up with all the straight forward questions. The ruling party member was struggling to answer questions ( Obviously not prepared for these kind of questions ). Also made contradicting statements in 10 mins time frame. The discussion topic was about “Why did govt denied handing over bellery mining case to CBI”, first he told – “We do not trust CBI”, come on man how can a ruling party member make such  a statement? After a while he told, “We are not telling that we never give but we will make some arrangements to protect our people and then if it is required we will handover to CBI”. Come on, whom to protect and why?? The statements does not make any sense. It is clearly understandable that whats going on. At the other end, so called apposition party struggles hard to avoid any good thing to be done by the ruling party. Apposition party role is to ensure ruling party is not doing mistake but not curse always and hold on doing good stuffs. We will laugh seeing the situation BUT we are actually laughing at ourselves. Each and every individual is responsible for today’s situation, step back and think, what am I doing? Am I contributing in any way to help the situation? It is our social responsibility to act upon. Also, it is not that we have to leave our job, do some freedom fight kind of thing, but we can at least do something or the other thing. For instance, writing down somewhere ideas to improve, corruption that we come across day to day, I agree nothing might happen  from that but once the data grows we might use that data in one way or the other ( Just a random thought)

So, I started to look how I can contribute, was just searching web if I get a place where people can put all the concerns in one place. Got few as follows –

http://indiaunheard.videovolunteers.org – There guys collect all the problems as videos. Newly launched, not so matured

http://blog.wakeupindia.org – An initiative with similar thought but inactive.

I am looking for some place where every problem and concerns are captured. Whatever may be the problem, a road hump till some criminal act to bribery to corruption to politicians misleading money to a civil project bill compromised. EVERYTHING…

Put your views as comments, let the discussion grow –


Its absolutely my thoughts, not intending to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Not pointing out any political party or person.

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Test drove few cars

Posted by karthikjcecs on June 5, 2010

I had a plan for some 5lk range car, after checking felt it is good to increase the budget. In the palace cross road ( off Bellary road ) you get 3 show room at one roof, Ford, Volkswagen and Mahindra, near to that you can also find Maruthi, Hyundai and skoda in bellary road. My driving experience and few facts follows. I am going to tell only the experience without quoting any technical details, technical details are anyway available on the respective websites but hard to obtain the actual driving experience, so it may help

1. Ford Figo 1.2 pertrol titanium

Pick up and power  is not that grea, even the AC is not that great. It does not give a cool driving experience, it seems like crying to pull.  Music system which is in built is of very good also includes bluetooth and USB. It has electronic mirror control also. control and handling seems to be okay. Rear seat leg room is good. Does not having rear power window seems to be a drawback and also not possible to install it as per the sales executive.

2. Ford Figo 1.4 pertrol titanium

This has addressed power issue. Perfectly pulls. Good driving experience.


First 3 services completely free not even oil charges ect., ( As per sales exec, do not hit me if they charge at the time  of service. ) 3 services will be covered in one year, after that every 10000 km or one year service charge will be Rs. 2000.

3. Logan 1.5  DLX ( diesel  )

I was looking for petrol one but they did not have one for test drive and simply gave the diesel model. But yes, it helped me in a way to get a feel of diesel cars. After driving this, I went back to figo diesel, otherwise I would not have driven.

The driving experience is good in terms of power, pickup and control but the steering touches the leg while driving which is great uncomfortable for me. Seat height adjustment is there. Comes with audio systems without USB and bluetooth. Music system is not that great. Rear seat leg room is good. All four power window is available but the bad thing is the control for rear windows is not at the door but in middle ( beside driver seat), so that single control can be used by rear passengers and the driver.  The interiors seems to be cheap except seats.


15000km once service which would come nearly 7000

4. Volkswagen polo highline petrol

Good power, pickup, control. Rear seat is so conjugated, no proper legroom, no driver seat height adjustment. Audio system with USB but no bluetooth. The reverse gear is at the opposite side that we normally have.

5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( petrol )

This is the perfect thing. Very comfortable driving seat, with good steering adjustment, electronic mirror control, mirror closing, 6 level seat height adjustment, audio controls at steering, leather steering cover, all power windows with single control, keyless entry, alloy wheels, airbags, abs with EBD, acceleration through wire, rear seat leg room, climate controlled A/C. The driving is perfect. Very good power, pickup and control, suspension could have been bit better. Gives a fantastic feel. Music system with USB and AUX but no bluetooth, they say because of safety they have not included, if needed can be included by paying 10k extra.

The sales representative was the best among all others, he was knowing complete technical details and was very enthusiastic to explain each and every aspect.
5. Hyundai i20 Asta ( diesel )

All the above + Still more more power, fantastic it is. You can feel that it is diesel ( Obviously ) at initial torque,  cannot make it run in 2nd gear, which I normally do in petrol engines.

6. Skoda fabia ( petrol )

It lost for i20. Power wise okay, but interiors and feature wise seems to lower compared to i20. Music system not great, no USB even. No climate control, steering adjustment available, seat height available.


Every 10000km per year Rs. 7000 service charge.

One free service after one year which would cost you 4k for oil change.

Had went to check Maruthi Ritz but they did not have a test  vehicle and told that they will send one, I have to see. Also need to check Chevrolet models  – Aveo U-VA.

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Last working day at IBM

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 18, 2010

Its been one and half year since I joined IBM. It is a really great time there, enjoyed a lot in all the 4 projects that I involved. I got a good opportunity to work as a lead and I performed up to my satisfaction. Let me talk about our team, the team was bit different than you normally hear about. It is in between research and product development, all projects were small and proof of concept kind. We use to work on a proposal and coceptualizing it so that it sells in the market. The team was really great. I was working under a brilliant, focused lead, Kiran –  who became my inspiration to work on each and every stuff.

Short overview of the achievements:


I worked as a guide to one of the internship project where 2 from SJCE were interning with us. It went for some 4  months and we were able to achieve what we planned. Guys were smart engough to understand the project and pretty good in speed.

A project I liked a lot:

As it is highly confidentail I cannot even name the project, though I can share some of the expiriences. It was again a proof of concept project where I had 3 junior developers, I had the responsibility to make sure the development runs smothly and my lead was architecturing the project. It went around 6 months. During the course of time I took intiative and implemented the agile practices in team. It was quite successful and we were able to really visualize the increase in development speed. That is the time where I became Agile fan. The process is damn good and I would recommend any one of adopt agile practices. Also the junior team was very enthusiastic and dedicated because of which we were able to do it.

A product development:

Again, a highly confidential product development, It was a project that was been developing from scratch and I involved for a short duration of POC of the project and also for a short duration in the product development. Here is where I learnt the product development process with a bigger team, how agile can be impletmented in teams more than 100 members. Great expirience.

TEO ( Technical education outreach )

This is a program where IBM sponsors to visit any of schools in rural area and provide them a hands on expirience on techonology. I voluteered to such a program that happened in Jan 2010 in HD kote.

We had a plan to build a robot using the lego robot kit and give students a challenge to program. It was a tremondous expirience, we never expected that students of standard 10th will have such a graspping power and program a robot with just one day learning. Along with that there were some other science expiriments like simple DC motor, proving some geometrical theorms using paper cutting. Students and teachers very happy and the event was a great success.

Farewell to me

Many did not know that it was my last working day. I had only informed to few key people in advance. A short and sweet farewell went where my product team involved and spoke good words. Liked it a lot. Also got couple of nice presents 😛

Why did I leave all these comforts?

This is the question everyone asks me, I Joined cisco to make my dream true – I had a dream in my college days to work in cisco and that is it. But obviously that is not the only reason, there are some other reasons also which helped me to take a decission. There days passed in Cisco, just the orientation program went off along with introdution to the team. Team seems to be cool team as expected, have not got a chance to look that the kind of work that I will be doing. At a high level will be in Java based tool development project. Hope I get a lot to code here too.

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Samsung jet frustration cond….

Posted by karthikjcecs on May 13, 2010

Firstly I appoligise for making this blog as “Samsung blaming blog”. This one is very interesting and I cannot get hold of it.

Adding to the frustration of being a proud owner of Samsung Jet, the processor and the memory unit of my 6 month old samsung jet BRUNT OUT. It was a very crucial time when this happened. My dad was admitted at the hospital and the next day an operation was scheduled, unfortunately the smarter than smart phone stopped booting ( may be it was so down that my dad was admitted  😛 ). No contacts, cannot even receive important calls. I was not known that CPU was brunt and I was in a feeling that some minor stuff and once firmware is flashed it would become okay.

I went to service center only after 4 – 5 days and got shocked when the guy told CPU and memory unit is brunt and even more shocked when they told it cannot be covered under warranty. The whole story below ( This is the email I sent to customer care center after all these )


I purchased Samsung S8003 mobile phone with emei number 357381030801040 by paying a hefty INR 19000 inclusive of tax from Maya Mobiles #541 CHM Road, Indira nagar, Bangalore 560038 wide invoice number SI/CMH/776 on 10 Dec 2009. All of a sudden on 1 May 2010 the phone stopped booting. I went to below mentioned service center on 7 May 2010 at about 12 noon

Muilti Tech services
V Seetharamiaha Complex,3rd Main Mathikere  BANGALORE, KARNATAKA
Ph: +91 80 40996080

The service executive opened the phone in front of me and told that CPU is brunt out. He told replacement of CPU is not possible at that site and asked me to visit the company’s service head office at

No 9, 27th Main
1st Stage, 1st Phase,
BTM Layout ring road,
Bangalore, Karnataka
Ph: +91 80 66595195
+91 80 66595193
+91 9036066690

I visited the above mentioned head office which is 20 Km from my residence ( Hebbal, Bangalore ) and spoke to Mr. XYZ, Manager and informed the situation. Mr. XYZ immediately spoke to Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and informed the service executive to accept the Handset. Mr. XYZ told me to go back and deposit the handset at  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore. On 8 May 2010 I went to  Muilti Tech services at Mattikere, Bangalore and asked the service executive to accept the handset as per Mr. XYZ‘s instructions. But the service executive rejected to accept claiming that there is no claim for CPU brunt case. Service executive also claimed that the cell phone was opened before but I have never opened ( Why will I go to other service center in the warranty period? ).  I really got upset by the deficiency in the service. I had made to move here and there and till now no resolution seen.

I have already went thrice to the service center with no use, I cannot go to any service center again. I am approaching the consumer’s forum unless you make some arrangement to collect the handset at my residence before 7 days from now and do the needful service.


Karthik Ananth

The service center people were really talking non – sense. They told these following sentence. Cannot imaging that the number 1 consumer electronics company talking silly like this –

1. “Sir, we cannot really say wheather you get warranty or not sir. It is like LUCK ( WTF,  what do you mean by luck? ) 50% chance of you getting warranty. That too we cannot do anything you have to visit our head service center. ”


Service executive: Sir, it is opened somewhere else. I could see a scratch inside.

Me: It is not openened man, why will I open in the warranty period.

Service executive: I do not know anything sir, whatever I see will be reported to you. There was a scratch inside that means you have opened before.

Me: Man, Scratch could have been before also, that cannot become proof for me opened before. You should have a seal if you claim that warranty will be void if seal is removed. You cannot simply claim that we opened by seeing a scratch inside.


( Uhhhaaaa, what the hell is he talking man, why the hell Nokia came here, I laughed left and right internally )

Let us wait and see what these guys do. I am not leaving as is, I am so frustrated and I am going to fight in the court if it is not resolved.

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